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Why did the conquistadors come to the New World?

Why did the conquistadors come to the New World?

Conquistadors. Soon after Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492, the Spanish began to hear stories of civilizations with immense riches. Hoping to claim this wealth and territory for Spain and themselves, conquistadors, or “conquerors,” sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

What were the Spanish searching for in the new world?

HERNANDO DE SOTO explored the southeast region of North America for Spain, searching for gold, a suitable site for a colony, and an overland route from Mexico to the Atlantic. At every point the Spanish attacked Indian villages, pillaging, murdering, and commandeering food, supplies, and captives.

What were they hoping to find in the new world?

They were in search of goods such as spices, silk, porcelain, and precious gems. How did the conquistadors treat the American Indians that they conquered? Badly and the Native Americans were mistreated. You just studied 81 terms!

What did the conquistadors bring to the New World?

What the Conquistadors Brought to the New World. They brought sophisticated weapons, at least by sixteenth century standards. The Spanish made fine swords and armor. They brought Catholicism, a religion the Indians didn’t understand. The conquistadors also brought something far more perilous than any man-made weapon.

Is the story of the conquistadors true?

The story of the conquistadors and the fall of the Aztec Empire have spanned many myths and stories which have become ingrained in Western consciousness and culture, regardless of how true they are. Narratives surrounding the Spanish conquest of the Americas and conquistadors are heavily Eurocentric, and the sources are somewhat limited.

Why did the conquistadors go to the Aztecs for gold?

That the Conquistadors were in search of personal wealth is undeniable. The quest for Aztec gold was at the forefront of the Cortés expedition and the reason why many soldiers willingly joined the campaign. If gold did not come their way then silver, textiles, jewelry and other treasures were never far from reach.

Why was the conquest of the new world so important?

The conquest of much of the New World by Spanish conquistadors during those few years was surely one of history’s turning points. Indeed, as Karl Marx and Adam Smith claimed, perhaps it was the greatest event in history. There were many who thought so at the time.