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Who was on board on the First Fleet?

Who was on board on the First Fleet?

The convoy consisted of two naval ships, six convict transports and three storeships to carry the food and supplies necessary for establishing a settlement. Crowded on board were some 1500 people – marines, officers, seamen, their wives and children and at least 775 prisoners of the Crown.

Who were the people on board the First Fleet and where did they come from?

Perhaps most famously, the First Fleet included more than 700 convicts. The settlement at Botany Bay was intended to be a penal colony. The convicts of the First Fleet included both men and women. Most were British, but a few were American, French, and even African.

Who was the master of Friendship First Fleet?

Francis Walton
She set sail with the fleet from Portsmouth on 12 May 1787, with Francis Walton as master. Aboard were 17 crew, 40 marines and their family members, 72 male and 21 female convicts.

How many years did it take to make friends?

Combining the results of both studies, he estimated it takes between 40 and 60 hours to form a casual friendship, 80-100 hours to transition to being a friend and more than 200 hours together to become good friends. When young people fall for each other, they fall hard, Hall said.

How many babies were born on Friends First Fleet?

It is estimated there were about 50 children on the First Fleet when it arrived at Botany Bay. Over 20 children were born at sea during the eight-month voyage.

How big was the friendship in the First Fleet?

Special Series – The First Fleet – The Friendship. The Friendship, (snow,) of 228 tons, had on board 76 male and 21 female convicts; 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 2 sergeants, 3 corporals, 1 drummer, and 36 privates, with 1 assistant surgeon to the colony.

Who was the captain of the friendship ship?

From the outset Francis Walton, captain of Friendship, failed to stop the ‘connections’ between his crew and the convict women. According to the young and very moralistic Lieutenant Ralph Clark who travelled on board, the men broke through the bulkhead while they were still anchored at Portsmouth.

Where is the friendship First Fleet Fellowship medal?

It is located in the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, London collection (Item No E4938-1/2). Permission has been granted to reproduce their images of the Friendship Medal. The Medal is made in silver in 1787 by an Unknown Artist. The Overall measurements are 37 mm. Obverse: Engraved two-masted sailing vessel.

Who was the captain of the First Fleet?

Aboard on the voyage to Botany Bay, were the Master, Captain Francis Walton, Assistant Surgeon Thomas Arnell and Marines, Captain James Meredith, Lieutenant Ralph Clark, and Lieutenant William.