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Who ultimately took control of the Spice Islands?

Who ultimately took control of the Spice Islands?

In a campaign that lasted seven months British forces took all of the islands in the region; Ambon was captured in February, Banda Neira in August and Ternate and all other islands in the region later that same month. The British held on to the islands until the end of the war.

What is spice island now known as?

The islands that were formerly called the Spice Islands are now called the Moluccas. They are made up of an Indonesian archipelago that comprises a total land mass of 75,000 square kilometers. The capital city of the region and archipelago is a city called Ambon. Today 2.1 million people live on the islands.

Who was in control of the Spice Islands?

By 1810 the Kingdom of Holland was a vassal of Napoleonic France and Great Britain along with the East India Company sought to control the rich Dutch spice islands in the East Indies.

Why did Philip II cut off the Netherlands from the spice trade?

In his efforts to subdue the rebelling provinces, Philip II cut off the Netherlands from the spice markets of Lisbon, making it necessary for the Dutch to send their own expeditions to the sources of these commodities and to take control of the Indies spice trade .

What was the role of Portugal in the Indian Ocean?

Portugal’s Indian Ocean empire relied on three strategic bases: Goa, Malacca, and Macau. The first connected the State of India with Portugal proper, the second connected Goa to the Pacific Ocean trade stretching from the China seas to Australasia, and the third was the hub for the trade with China and Japan.

When did the Dutch invade the Spice Islands?

The Dutch East India Company (VOC) arrived in the islands in 1599 and eventually ousted the Portuguese. The English East India Company arrived soon after who in turn competed with the Dutch and had claimed the island of Ambon and the small island of Run.