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Who scored the most against Jordan?

Who scored the most against Jordan?

Dominique Wilkins has put up the most points in a game versus Michael Jordan, with 57 points on December 10, 1986.

Who scored 50 on MJ?

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets scored 51 and 50 points respectively on August 23, 2020….List.

Player Michael Jordan* (6)
Date May 31, 1993
Opponent New York Knicks
Series 1993 Eastern Conference Finals
3PA 9

Who dropped the most points in a NBA game?

Wilt Chamberlain
On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain set an NBA record that may never be touched, scoring 100 points in a single game.

Who was Michael Jordan’s opponents?

In that way, Isiah Thomas was the only true personal rival Michael Jordan had during his career. In his prime, nobody else beat him.

How many times Michael Jordan outscored?

“During his tenure with the Bulls, Michael Jordan faced 983 opponents. He outscored 982 of them.

How many times did Michael Jordan score 50 points?

Most 50-Point Games

Player # Times
Michael Jordan 31
Kobe Bryant 25
James Harden 23
Elgin Baylor 17

How many times did Michael Jordan scored 60 points?

Only six players have scored 60 or more points on more than one occasion: Wilt Chamberlain (32 times), Kobe Bryant (6 times), Michael Jordan (5 times), Elgin Baylor (4 times), James Harden (4 times), and Damian Lillard (3 times).

How many 3s has ja Morant made?

Ja Morant has played in 11 games with 3+ three-pointers.

Has any NBA team scored 200 points?

No NBA team has ever scored 200 points in a game. In 1983, the Detroit Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets 186–184 and this is the most in NBA history.

What is Michael Jordan’s lowest scoring game?

The worst night occurred when Jordan registered the worst single-game shooting performance of his career, going 1-of-9 for just two points on Dec. 15, 2002, against the Toronto Raptors.

Who is the NBA player with the most points in a playoff game?

Not surprisingly, Michael Jordan appears most often in the players with the most points scored in an NBA playoff game. Jordan appears in the top 10 an unbelievable five times. Jordan reached the 55-point plateau on three separate occasions, including once in 1988, and a couple of times when he led the Bulls to NBA titles in 1993 and 1997.

What was the highest scoring team in Bulls history?

In fact, the 1968-69 team would stand as the best rebounding squad in Bulls history, pulling down 4,550 boards on the season. The 1969-70 team finished 39-43 and was the highest-scoring Bulls outfit in history, putting up 114.9 points per game.

What was the score of the Chicago Bulls game?

— Zach LaVine scored 24 points, Lauri Markkanen added 20 and the Chicago Bulls beat the short-handed Toronto Raptors 114-102 on Thursday night. — Kevin Durant had 21 points and eight assists, and the Brooklyn Nets beat the Chicago Bulls 115-107 on Tuesday night despite Zach LaVine’s 41 points.

When did Michael Jordan score the most points in a game?

Michael Jordan’s 63 points in 1986 NBA Playoffs may have been greatest game ever played. It was 25 years ago, on April 20, 1986, in the most historic arena in the NBA, the Boston Garden, a playoff game in which the player eventually to be regarded as the greatest ever to play, Michael Jordan, scored the most points in a playoff game against o.