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Who is Douglas Mawson parents?

Who is Douglas Mawson parents?

Margaret Ann Moore
Robert Ellis Mawson
Douglas Mawson/Parents

How did Douglas Mawson get to Antarctica?

A member of the scientific staff of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition (1907), Mawson, together with T.W.E. David, reached the south magnetic pole on the high ice plateau of Victoria Land on January 16, 1909. The two men made this landmark journey by sledge.

Who did Douglas Mawson marry?

Paquita Delpratm. 1914–1958
Douglas Mawson/Spouse
Mawson had married, on 31 March 1914 at Holy Trinity Church, Balaclava, Melbourne, Francisca Adriana (Paquita) Delprat (1891-1974), daughter of Guillaume Delprat; they had two daughters.

Who was Sir Douglas Mawson and what did he do?

Sir Douglas Mawson (1882-1958) was an Australian scientist and explorer of the Antarctic.

When did Douglas Mawson come to Australia as an infant?

Mawson was born in England and came to Australia as an infant. He completed degrees in mining engineering and geology at the University of Sydney. In 1905 he was made a lecturer in petrology and mineralogy at the University of Adelaide.

When did Sir Douglas Mawson die in Antarctica?

He died on Oct. 14, 1958. Books that deal with Mawson’s life and work include Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, The Heart of the Antarctic (2 vols., 1909); Charles F. Laseron, South with Mawson (2d ed. 1958); Sir A. Grenfell Price, The Winning of Australian Antarctica (1962); and Lady Paquita Mawson, Mawson of the Antarctic (1964).

How did Douglas Mawson get to the South Pole?

Along with his mentor Professor T.W. Edgeworth David, Mawson completed the longest Antarctic man-hauling sledge journey of 122 days. Coping with hunger, hidden crevasses, frostbite and exhaustion, they received a hero’s welcome on their return. Explorers during this time were focused on being the first to reach the South Geographic Pole.