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Who attended the Great Exhibition of 1851?

Who attended the Great Exhibition of 1851?

Despite some initial negative press, approximately six million people attended the Great Exhibition. That equates to roughly one-third of the British population at the time. Famous names who reportedly attended include Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, George Elliott, Charlotte Brontë, and Samuel Colt, among others.

How many times did Queen Victoria visit the Great Exhibition?

Queen Victoria and her family visited three times, the queen visited 34 times. Although the Great Exhibition was a platform on which countries from around the world could display their achievements, Britain sought to prove its own superiority.

How much did it cost to visit the Great Exhibition?

Ticket Cost – Adult admission prices ranged from 1 shilling (25 cents) to 5 shillings ($1.25) to 2 shillings and 6d (63 cents) to 1 pound ($5.00), depending on the day.

What was the result of the Great Exhibition of 1851?

Unfortunately, The Crystal Palace was destroyed by fire in 1936. Over 6 million people visited the Great Exhibition. It was a massive success and the money it raised was used to set up the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

What was the total number of exhibitors at the Great Exhibition?

The Great Exhibition was designed to showcase technology and new products from Britain and its colonies, but to give it a truly international flavor, half the exhibits were from other nations. The total number of exhibitors was about 17,000, with the United States sending 599.

Where did the money from the Great Exhibition GO?

The cash profits of the exhibition were spent on establishing a new cultural quarter in South Kensington, sometimes referred to as ‘Albertopolis’, the home today of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, Imperial College, Royal Albert Hall and other institutions.

What was on the second floor of the Great Exhibition?

In second-floor galleries devoted to “philosophical, musical, and surgical instruments” were displays of items ranging from pipe organs to microscopes. Visitors to the Crystal Palace were amazed to discover all the inventions of the modern world displayed in one spectacular building. Queen Victoria Formally Opened the Great Exhibition