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Which states touch Delaware?

Which states touch Delaware?

Delaware is bordered in the north by Pennsylvania and in the south and west by Maryland. To the northeast of Delaware, across the Delaware River and Delaware Bay lies New Jersey. On the east, Delaware is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

What three states border Delaware?

Delaware is bounded to the north by Pennsylvania; to the east by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean; and to the west and south by Maryland.

Is there a part of Delaware in New Jersey?

Everyone knows that New Jersey and Delaware are neighbors, but few know that the two states share a physical border. A little piece of Delaware is tucked away in southern New Jersey, secluded and uninhabited, but there nonetheless.

What are the 3 smallest states in the US?

Ten Smallest States

Rank State Total Area (km2)
1 Rhode Island 3,144
2 Delaware 5,130
3 Connecticut 14,357
4 New Jersey 22,591

What are the borders of the state of Delaware?

Delaware is bordered by the state of Maryland in the west and south; by Pennsylvania in the north, and by New Jersey in the east. It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and Delaware River in the southeast.

What are the states that border another state?

Maine. (The state which borders only one other U.S. state.) New Hampshire. 1. 20. Maryland. Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania. 4.

What do you need to know about Delaware?

The above map can be downloaded, printed and used for geography education purposes like map-pointing and coloring activities. The above outline map represents the State of Delaware, located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

What are the names of the states that border Maryland?

Maryland borders four states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia. Pennsylvania borders Maryland to the north. The state is officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.