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Which province has the most National Parks?

Which province has the most National Parks?

The total area of Canada’s national parks is more than 340,000 km2….Canada’s National Parks and National Park Reserves.

National Park or Reserve Wood Buffalo National Park
Province or Territory Alberta and Northwest Territories
Year Established 1922
Park Area (km2) 44,741

Which state has 4 largest National Parks?

The state with the most national parks is California with nine, followed by Alaska with eight, Utah with five, and Colorado with four. The largest national park is Wrangell–St. Elias in Alaska: at over 8 million acres (32,375 km2), it is larger than each of the nine smallest states.

What are the 5 largest National Parks?

Here are the 5 largest US national parks.

  • Wrangell-St. Elias. via douglaspperkins.
  • Gates of the Arctic. via ilya_ktsn. The second largest national park in the United States is called Gates of the Arctic, and is also located in Alaska.
  • Denali. via Salil Wadhavkar.
  • Katmai. via Marshmallow.
  • Death Valley. via John Bruckman.

How many protected areas are there in Nunavut?

This is a list of protected areas of Nunavut . /  67.883°N 65.017°W  / 67.883; -65.017  ( Auyuittuq National Park) /  76.000°N 100.000°W  / 76.000; -100.000  ( Qausuittuq National Park) /  81.567°N 68.417°W  / 81.567; -68.417  ( Quttinirpaaq National Park) /  73.000°N 81.000°W  / 73.000; -81.000  ( Sirmilik National Park)

How big is the National Park in Nunavut?

Ukkusiksalik National Park. This national park occupies an area of 20,885 square km in Nunavut south of the Arctic Circle. The park features vast stretches of tundra and coastal mudflats. The national park is the sixth largest in the country but the smallest in Nunavut itself.

Where is the best place to visit in Nunavut?

Located on eastern Baffin Island between the communities of Pangnirtung and Qikiqtarjuaq, Auyuittuq (pronounced ‘ow-you-we-took’) National Park is the most accessible national park in Nunavut and the most popular for both short visits and extended ones.

What kind of animals live in Nunavut National Park?

Due to the extremely cold conditions prevailing in the national park, little floral and faunal diversity is seen here. However, some of the mammals and birds of the park include lemmings, red foxes, polar bears, snowy owls, Arctic hares, Arctic fox. The coastal waters host many marine species like the narwhals, beluga whales and more. 3.