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Which parish in Jamaica have the lowest elevation?

Which parish in Jamaica have the lowest elevation?

Kingston lying predominantly within the Liguanea plain has the lowest elevation. Its highest point is located in the Long Mountain range above Rockfort Mineral Bath, where the terrain rises rapidly from sea level to an elevation of 1,106ft.

Where in Jamaica is below sea level?

At its tallest tip, the mountain reaches an altitude of 7,402 feet above sea level. At its lowest point, Jamaica is at sea level with surrounding bodies of water. Therefore, Jamaica is 0 feet above sea level at its lowest point….Levels of Elevation.

Official Name Jamaica
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Which parish in Jamaica is above sea level?

Manchester covers an area of 830 km², making it Jamaica’s sixth largest parish. It has three mountain ranges — the Carpenters Mountains, the May Day Mountains, and the Don Figuerero Mountains. The highest point is 2,770 feet (840 m) above sea level in the Carpenters Mountains.

How big is the largest parish in Jamaica?

Parish Profiles. Situated south of Cuba and west of Haiti in the North West region of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica has a maximum length, from east to west, of about 235 km (146 mi); the maximum width being around 80 km (50 mi). The total area of the nation is approximately 10,991 sq km (4,244 sq mi).

Which is the most fertile parish in Jamaica?

Located on the eastern side of the island with St Mary to the west and St Andrew and St Thomas to the south. This Parish records the highest rainfall levels in Jamaica. It is known for its fertile soil and lush green beauty with superb waterfalls, great beaches and magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea.

How big is St Andrew Parish in Jamaica?

St Andrew parish Jamaica is 432.9 sq km. Kingston is 22.66 sq km. These two parishes were amalgamated in 1923 to form the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and the joint population as at end of year 2012 was 666,041. Source STATIN Jamaica Read more on St Andrew here

What’s the population of Trelawny Parish in Jamaica?

Trelawny parish is 874.62 sq km bordered to the west by St James, east by St Ann and St Elizabeth and Manchester to the south. Falmouth is the capital and the population as at end of year 2012 was 75,558.