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Which city is bigger Mumbai or Nagpur?

Which city is bigger Mumbai or Nagpur?

Maharashtra holds several famous cities including Mumbai, Pune, Thane, and Nagpur. Many cities are also a hub of business. Mumbai is the largest and the capital city of Maharashtra with over 20 million population estimated in 2012….List of Largest Cities in Maharashtra.

Rank 3
City Name Nagpur
Population 2,497,870
Area (km²) 229
District Nagpur

How big is Nagpur?

393,5 km²

Is Pune better than Nagpur?

Pune is much more developed than nagpur. There are more job opportunities in pune than in nagpur currently. So,in short Nagpur is the better city to live in,and pune is the better city to work in.

What is the rank of Nagpur in India?


• Rank India: 13th Maharashtra : 3rd Vidarbha: 1st
• Density 11,000/km2 (30,000/sq mi)
• Metro 2,497,870
• Metro rank 13th

Why Nagpur is called Tiger Capital?

Nagpur is also called, “Tiger Capital of India ” as it connects many Tiger Reserves in India to the world. It is among the important cities for IT sector in Maharashtra after Pune. Nagpur lies precisely at the center of the country with the Zero Mile Marker indicating the geographical center of India.

How much is the flight from Ahmedabad to Nagpur?

The minimum airfare for a Ahmedabad to Nagpur flights would be 2761, which may go up to 9583 depending on the route, booking time and availability. It is recommended that you book a round-trip, since it always works out to be more economical. If you are looking for Ahmedabad to Nagpur flight, there is no dearth of options to choose from.

Which is a part of the Nagpur metropolitan area?

In 1999, the government of Maharashtra declared that the Nagpur Metropolitan Area shall comprise all of Nagpur city, Nagpur Gramin (rural areas near Nagpur), Hingna, Parseoni, Mauda and Kamptee Taluka and parts of Savner, Kalmeshwar, Umred and Kuhi.

How did Nagpur become the second capital of Maharashtra?

Following the informal Nagpur Pact between political leaders, it was made the second capital of Maharashtra. Nagpur is named after the river Nag which flows through the city. The old Nagpur (today called ‘Mahal’) is situated on north banks of the river Nag. The suffix pur means “city” in many Indian languages.

Which is the best time to visit Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad, locally known as Amdavad, is a cosmopolitan city in Gujarat. This city is a perfect blend of culture, heritage and modern appeal. Ahmedabad boasts of magnificent temples, ashrams, museums, art galleries and more. The ideal time to visit Ahmedabad is from November to February as the climate during these winter months is pleasant.