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Where do whales live in New Zealand?

Where do whales live in New Zealand?

The Gray’s, Arnoux, Cavier’s and the Southern strap-toothed whale is the most common seen in New Zealand waters. Beaked whales live in the open ocean and dive around 300m for squid.

Do sperm whales live in New Zealand?

Distribution. Sperm whales are found at Kaikōura in the South Island, to the west of Stewart Island, off East Cape and North Cape, and in pockets to the west of New Zealand. In the 19th century the major hunting grounds were north-east of New Zealand near the Kermadec Islands.

Which is the best whale watching place in New Zealand?

Sperm whales are one of the deepest diving and rarest whales in the world and Kaikōura offers the best views of the marine mammal. You can also get a look at the Blue Whale which is the largest, heaviest and loudest animal on this Earth.

Where can you see wildlife in New Zealand?

See wildlife in the wild. New Zealand’s third and smallest island, Stewart Island, or Rakiura, is the one place that you can reliably expect kiwi to be active during the daytime. About 80 per cent of the 1680sq km Rakiura is national park and there are an estimated 20,000 kiwi on the island.

Is there a whale watching tour in Kaikoura?

Tours from Whale Watch Kaikoura tend to sell out – travelers recommend booking in advance! Kaikoura is renowned for its amazing marine life, and you’ll discover why on this whale watching tour. From your catamaran boat you’ll get up close to whales, seals, and dolphins in the deep waters off shore, as well as albatross.

When is the best time to go whale watching?

4 HOUR WHALE AND WILDLIFE TRIP : These trip only run when whales are likely to be in the area May to September and are run when tidal conditions are right to give the best chance of a sighting. We constantly monitor cetacean and basking shark movements and only run these trips when there is a chance of sightings.