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Where did the Lincoln Douglas debates took place quizlet?

Where did the Lincoln Douglas debates took place quizlet?

There were 7 debates from August to October of 1858, all across Illinois. The first debate was held in Ottawa, and it focused on the topics of “state sovereignty” or popular sovereignty vs. the right of the federal government to control slavery in a territory.

How did the Lincoln Douglas debates begin?

From their first debate on August 21 in Ottawa, Douglas accused Lincoln of running on a radically antislavery “Black Republican” platform and attempted to link him with leading abolitionists like Frederick Douglass.

What were two outcomes of the Lincoln-Douglas debates quizlet?

What was Douglas’ response to Lincoln and who finally won the election? Douglas won the election. Douglas stated that the people could keep slavery out if they wished. If they did not pass laws to protect slavery, it would not last.

What was the disagreement between Lincoln and Douglas?

Douglas repeatedly tried to brand Lincoln as a dangerous radical who advocated racial equality and disruption of the Union. Lincoln emphasized the moral iniquity of slavery and attacked popular sovereignty for the bloody results it had produced in Kansas.

What was the Lincoln – Douglas debates 1858?

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. The Lincoln-Douglas debates were a series of formal political debates between the challenger, Abraham Lincoln, and the incumbent, Stephen A. Douglas, in a campaign for one of Illinois’ two United States Senate seats.

How many debates did Lincoln have in Illinois?

The debates were a natural part of the senate race, but these recieve historical recognition for both the controversey they gave rise to, and the impact they had on Abraham Lincoln. Two. There were 7 debates from August to October of 1858, all across Illinois.

How many times did Douglas go first in the debates?

In the seven debates, Douglas, as the incumbent, was allowed to go first four times. We are deeply indebted to the work of the Abraham Lincoln Association in collecting Lincoln’s writings and publishing them as The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. It was from this monumental work that these selections were taken.

The copyright to The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln is owned by the Abraham Lincoln Association, and any further copying or use of these debate transcripts must be with their permission.