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Where did NY Cosmos play?

Where did NY Cosmos play?

Mitchel Athletic Complex
New York Cosmos/Home grounds

Did Pele play for the New York Cosmos?

Coming out of retirement to join the New York Cosmos, he scored on his debut – a friendly match against the Dallas Tornado on June 15, 1975. During three seasons with the Cosmos, Pelé popularized the sport of soccer in the United States, literally transforming the domestic landscape.

How old was Pele when he played for New York Cosmos?

He led the Cosmos to the 1977 NASL championship, in his third and final season with the club. In June 1977, the Cosmos attracted an NASL record 62,394 fans to Giants Stadium for a 3–0 victory past the Tampa Bay Rowdies with a 37-year-old Pelé scoring a hat-trick.

Who played for the New York Cosmos?

The NASL all-star teams selected by the league at the end of each season included a total of 18 Cosmos players….NASL all-stars.

Name Pelé
Country Brazil
Position FW
Cosmos career 1975–77
A (Regular season) 56

Do the New York Cosmos still exist?

The club has previously competed in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and North American Soccer League (NASL)….New York Cosmos (2010)

Full name New York Cosmos
League National Independent Soccer Association
Website Club website
Home colors Away colors
Current season

Are New York Cosmos still a team?

An iconic New York City soccer club is shutting down for the foreseeable future, with some involved with the team blaming its billionaire owner for prioritizing other interests in his vast business portfolio. The New York Cosmos announced the “difficult decision to pause team operations” in a tweet Friday morning.

How much money did Pele get paid?

Pelé made about $6 million during his career. There wasn’t much money in soccer when he played, which is why he didn’t make as much as someone of his stature should have.

Will New York Cosmos join MLS?

The New York Cosmos, who achieved temporary fame in the 1970s when they attracted the likes of Pele and Franz Beckenbauer, have not yet played an official match since having been brought back to life, but will join the US’ second-level NASL league starting this year. …

When was New York Cosmos founded?

August 1, 2010
New York Cosmos/Years founded

Where do the New York Cosmos play soccer?

The present formation of the team and organization, established since August 2010, is a rebirth of the original New York Cosmos (1970–1985) that played in the previous North American Soccer League (1968–1984), the former first division of North American soccer. The Cosmos play at MCU Park on the Coney Island boardwalk.

Who was the first New York Cosmos player?

The first roster signing of the club was Gordon Bradley, an English professional who had moved to North America in 1963 and played for the New York Generals in 1968. He was made player-coach, a position he would hold until 1975.

When did New York Cosmos play in Cuba?

In June 2015 the New York Cosmos played a friendly against the Cuban national team, the first American professional club to play in Cuba after the United States began normalizing relations with the island nation. Despite on-field success, the Cosmos struggled to draw fans at Hofstra.

When did the New York Cosmos join the NASL?

The New York Cosmos entered the 1968-founded North American Soccer League (NASL) in 1970 and made their field debut in the league’s fourth season in 1971. The first roster signing of the club was Gordon Bradley, an English professional who had moved to North America in 1963 and played for the New York Generals in 1968.