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Where did Hurricane Andrew make landfall in the US?

Where did Hurricane Andrew make landfall in the US?

Point Chevreuil
Andrew finally made landfall near Point Chevreuil (about 20 miles west-southwest of Morgan City) at 3:30 AM CDT as a category 3 hurricane with winds of 100 knots (115 mph) and a central pressure of 956 mb.

Where did Andrew make landfall in Louisiana?

Morgan City
Andrew made landfall near Morgan City on August 26. At the time of its landfall in Louisiana, Andrew’s maximum sustained winds were 115 mph. Wind gusts of up to 173 mph were reported. Areas in south-central Louisiana received up to 11.95 inches of rainfall over a four-day period, and an F3 tornado formed near LaPlace.

Where did Hurricane Andrew hit in the United States?

Several hours later, the hurricane emerged over the Gulf of Mexico at Category 4 strength, with the Gulf Coast of the United States in its dangerous path. After turning northwestward and weakening further, Andrew moved ashore near Morgan City, Louisiana, as a low-end Category 3 storm.

What was the cost of Hurricane Andrew in Florida?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ($81 billion) surpassed Hurricane Andrew as the costliest natural disaster (Blake et al. 2007). Hurricane Andrew hit southern Dade County, Florida, especially hard, with violent winds and storm surges characteristic of a category 5 hurricane.

How many people died in Hurricane Andrew in Louisiana?

With 23,000 houses damaged, 985 others destroyed, and 1,951 mobile homes demolished, property losses in Louisiana exceeded $1.5 billion. The hurricane caused the deaths of 17 people in the state, 6 of whom drowned offshore. Andrew spawned at least 28 tornadoes along the Gulf Coast, especially in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

Which is the most hurricane affected city in Florida?

The most affected city in Florida has many brushes from storms to south and recurving Palm bch systems city has 31 hurricane hits. Has far more hurricane hits than Savannah but less overall storms. (affected 76 times since 1871)