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What was the largest group of Southerners?

What was the largest group of Southerners?

Chapter 13 guide

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The largest group of whites in the South were yeomen.
What group of Southerners measured their wealth partly by the number of enslaved people they controlled? plantation owners
Enslaved people needed an extended family because they could be sold.

What group made up the largest portion of southern whites?

What group made up the largest group of whites in the South? most were farmers, specifically yeomen.

Who kept the price of cotton high in the years before 1860?

US History Chapter 14: The North and The South

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demand in Europe Which of the following kept the price of cotton high in the years before 1860?
spirituals African American folk songs that expressed the passionate beliefs of the South’s enslaved workers were called

How did slavery divide white Southerners?

how did cotton production affect slavery in the south? those who led slavery and those who did not lead slavery. how did slavery divide white southerners ? those who were slaved and those who were free.

What were the only jobs available to free blacks in the South?

Berlin notes that most black women worked at “menial, servile occupations,” since Southern cities such as Charleston offered few opportunities for employment of women, regardless of color. He comments that: Like poor white women, most free Negro women worked as cooks, laundresses, housekeepers, and peddlers.

What was the rich man’s crop?

Known largely as a poor man’s crop and rich man’s food, the leafy moringa, or drumstick tree, is an important tool to fight nutrient deficiency in the wake of climate change, says noted development practitioner Basanta Kumar Kar, terming it a naturally-occurring bio-fortified crop suited to India’s climatic conditions.

Which kept the price of cotton high?

By 1820, the United States was more than growing 30 times as much cotton as it had when Whitney invented the gin, making it the world’s leading supplier. The mills’ insatiable hunger for cotton kept prices high, so that white southern farmers demanded ever more land, and ever more enslaved people, to grow it.

How did the poorest white southerners survive quizlet?

In the first half of the 1800s, what portion of white southern families had slaves? How did the poorest white southerners survive? By hunting, fishing, raising small gardens, and doing odd jobs for money. Why did many southern cities and states pass laws to limit the rights of free African Americans?

Why did southerners who didn’t own slaves support slavery quizlet?

Being separated by races. Why did southerners that didn’t own slaves support slavery? They knew that the Southern economy depended on slave labor. Who was a free African American who led a slave revolt?