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What was the history of Woburn, MA in the 1800s?

What was the history of Woburn, MA in the 1800s?

A Chronological History of Woburn, Massachusetts Introduction 1700s 1800s 1900s 1710s 1810s 1910s 1620s 1720s 1820s 1920s 1630s 1730s 1830s 1930s 1640s 1740s 1840s 1940s

When did the Woburn Public Library Open in Woburn?

The Rumford Historical Association was organized March 26, 1877 and the Woburn Brass Band began on September 1st that year. On May 1, 1879 the Woburn Public Library opened. Women of Woburn voted for the first time in 1880, for School Committee. Public telephone came to Woburn January 10, 1882.

When was the first church in Woburn MA built?

The first church of Charlestown Village was built in late 1641, early 1642 – located on the southerly side of the Common. Charlestown Village now had about thirty families living within its boundaries; almost 150 people. The General Court met in session and the Town of Woburn was incorporated on October 7, 1642.

When was the first school built in Woburn?

Woburn was fourth in the county for population and wealth. In 1713 the first school house was built. By the town’s one hundredth year, the population had increased to about 1400. Count Rumford (Benjamin Thompson) was born in North Woburn on March 26, 1753. Some of his inventions included the drip coffee pot and the kitchen stove.

Who is the collector for the city of Woburn?

The Collector’s office is responsible for collecting real estate tax, personal property tax, motor vehicle excise tax, and water / sewer bills. We also handle municipal lien certificates for real estate transactions and certification of tax account status for City permits.

How to update your Woburn Wi water bill?

To update a water bill address, please contact the Water Department at 781-897-5944. I am retired and on a fixed income. I am having a difficult time paying my Real Estate Taxes.