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What was Christopher Columbus Crew like?

What was Christopher Columbus Crew like?

Contrary to popular myth, Columbus’s crew on the first voyage were not a bunch of cutthroats. They were mostly ‘hometown boys’ from Andalusia, and nearly all experienced seamen. A comparison of the two lists can be found in The Log of Christopher Columbus by Robert Fuson (see the bibliography).

What kind of men sailed with Columbus?

Once he had the ships, Columbus had to find sailors, an interpreter, boatswains, carpenters, coopers, caulkers, surgeons and ship’s boys. He even required the services of a secretary and a butler.

What kinds of problems did the sailors on Columbus’s ships face?

The crew of Columbus’ ships faced many challenges when crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The adversities consisted of starvation, dehydration, Scurvy, (Lack of Vitamin C) and malnutrition.

Where did Christopher Columbus sail with his crew?

With a crew of 90 men and three ships—the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria—he left from Palos de la Frontera, Spain. Columbus reasoned that since the world is round, he could sail west to reach “the east” (the lucrative lands of India and China).

What was the name of Christopher Columbus flagship?

The Santa Maria, Columbus’s flagship, was a larger, heavier cargo ship. For 35 days, Columbus and his crew of 86 Spanish sailors sailed westward searching for a passage to China and India.

Is there evidence that Africans sailed to Americas before Columbus?

While people are allowed to believe what they want, there is evidence showing that Africans sailed to the Americas long before Columbus made the lengthy trip. Here are five pieces of evidence that prove Africans sailed to the Americas before Christopher Columbus.

Which is the slowest ship of Christopher Columbus?

So overall, 90 or 100 miles in a day would be typical, and 200 phenomenal. Of the three ships on the first voyage, the Santa Maria was the slowest, and the Pinta was the fastest. The differences were not great over a long voyage. Santa Maria No one knows exactly what Columbus’s Santa Maria was like.