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What skills did Native Americans learn in the missions?

What skills did Native Americans learn in the missions?

There they were taught Spanish as well as the tenets of their new religion and trained in skills that would equip them for their new lives: brickmaking and construction, raising cattle and horses, blacksmithing, weaving, tanning hides, etc.

What did Native Americans do at San Diego Mission?

During the night and early morning of November 4-5, 1775, a force of Native Americans surrounded Mission San Diego de Alcalá, set fire to its fragile wooden structures, and attacked a small contingent of stunned Spaniards.

What was the purpose of mission bells?

The mission bells seen along streets and highways in Los Angeles County and throughout California have been in place since the early 20th Century to mark the original route of El Camino Real (Spanish for Highway of the King or Royal Highway) from San Diego to Sonoma.

What was life like at Mission San Diego de Alcala?

At Mission San Diego de Alcalá, Christian Indians would often live in their own villages among non-Christian natives, and would come to the mission church for Mass and to receive the sacraments.

How many Indians are enrolled in the San Diego Mission?

Father Serra contemplates abandoning the mission after one year of futile effort–not one Indian in San Diego has been converted to the faith. The arrival of a supply ship renews the spirits of the missionaries. 76 Indians are enrolled as converts at the mission.

What did the native people of San Diego do?

Native peoples live in semi-permanent villages, traveling to forage for food and depending heavily on acorns, small animals, and fishing. The native people of San Diego have no beasts of burden and do not use the wheel.

What did the Indians do at the California missions?

A plethora of rules and regulations guided the daily round of native activity at the California missions. Indians were assigned living quarters on the basis of age and marital status. Married couples were housed in a special compound along with small children.