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What issue made England and Spain become enemies?

What issue made England and Spain become enemies?

Years of religious and political differences led up to the conflict between Catholic Spain and Protestant England. The Spanish saw England as a competitor in trade and expansion in the ‘New World’ of the Americas.

What did the English settlers in North America believe was the basis of liberty?

For English settlers, land was the basis of independence and liberty. And so settlers who owned lands and Indians who retained the ownership of their lands were free and allowed to vote. This describes the power of land as the basis of liberty for the English settlers.

How did English colonization affect the Iroquois Confederacy?

How did English rule affect the Iroquois Confederacy? It enabled the Iroquois to build alliances with other tribes against a common enemy.

What was the basis of English liberty?

For the English, land was the basis of freedom and liberty because land allowed people to have control of their own labor. A person who did not own land was not in control of their labor.

What was Virginia’s gold?

What was Virginia’s “gold,” which ensured its survival and prosperity? Tobacco production in Virginia: enriched an emerging class of planters and certain members of the colonial government.

Why did Spain invade Great Britain in 1588?

A. because of the religious differences: England had officially broken with the Roman Catholic Church while Spain was devoutly Catholic B. because of the Spanish Armada’s successful invasion of Great Britain in 1588. C. because Spain had allied with France to invade English colonies in the New World.

Why did Spain go to war with England?

C. because Spain had allied with France to invade English colonies in the New World. D. because one of Henry VIII’s beheaded wives was a Spanish princess and the Spanish government announced it would be at war with England until Henry apologized.

What did the Indians have in common with the Europeans?

B. Indians had enormous potential to assimilate European ways. C. Indians males were weak and they mistreated women. D. Indians did not use the land and thus had no claim to it. E. Indians were not much better than slaves.

Why did the colonists want to live in England?

A. colonists were determined to speak English as perfectly as those who lived in England. B. colonists imported the latest London fashions and literature. C. the colonial elite modeled their homes on the English gentry’s estates and townhouses.