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What is the width of France?

What is the width of France?

France – Location, size, and extent It extends 962 km (598 mi) N – S and 950 km (590 mi) E – W .

How long is France north to south?

Metropolitan France is situated mostly between latitudes 41° and 51° N, and longitudes 6° W and 10° E, on the western edge of Europe, and thus lies within the northern temperate zone. Its continental part covers about 1000 km from north to south and from east to west.

How many Kilometres wide is France?

Total: 3,966.2 kilometres (2,464.5 mi)

What is the length and width of Paris?

Paris is oval shaped, approximately 9 miles east to west and 6 miles north to south, giving the City an area of 33.5 square miles, 86.7 square kilometers. The highway that encircles Paris, known as the Périphérique, basically defines the city limits. It’s about 22 miles around the Périphérique.

What is a French mile?

[ˈmaɪl ] 1. (= unit of measurement) mille m ⧫ mile m (= 1609 m)

Do they use inches in France?

The system of measurement used in France, as in the majority of European countries, is the metric system, and temperatures are expressed in degrees Centigrade.

Is Paris on the ocean?

How far is Paris from the ocean? Paris is 3966 km away from the Atlantic Ocean.

How big of a country is France in square miles?

France comprises a total area of about 246,000 square miles, making it the 43rd-largest country in the world and the largest country in the European Union. France has a total population of about 66.2 million people as of 2014, making it the 22nd-most populated country in the world.

How to calculate the distance in miles in France?

Horizontal lines: the main regional centres and significant points in the south and west of France. NB: distances are in miles , not in kilometres. They are calculated using the best route possible under normal driving conditions. See below for journey times.

Which is smaller France or the state of Texas?

Here’s a little map overlay with the country of France placed under a map of the Continental US state boundaries. The total area of France is 211,209 square miles, making France slightly smaller than two Colorados. France is smaller than the state of Texas at 268,820 square miles of area.

How big is France compared to the state of Colorado?

Comparatively, the area occupied by France is slightly less than twice the size of the state of Colorado. It extends 962 km (598 mi) N – S and 950 km (590 mi) E – W .