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What is the semi desert region in southern South America?

What is the semi desert region in southern South America?

The Arid Diagonal (Spanish: diagonal árida/arreica) is a contiguous zone of arid and semi-arid climate that traverses South America from coastal Peru in the Northwest to Argentine Patagonia in Southeast including large swathes of Bolivia and Chile.

What is the southern region of South America called?

Southern Cone
The Southern Cone (Spanish: Cono Sur, Portuguese: Cone Sul) is a geographic and cultural region composed of the southernmost areas of South America, mostly south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Is the Patagonia region of South America semi desert?

The Patagonian steppe is a vast semi-arid to arid region located on the southern tip of the continent, mainly in southern Argentina but also in Chile. Patagonia is a relatively dry and temperate region that occupies around 800,000 square kilometres.

What’s the largest desert in South America?

Patagonian Desert
Patagonian Desert, Argentina and Chile Argentina and Chile’s Patagonian Desert is the largest desert in South America and eighth largest in the world.

Which is the most famous desert in South America?

Atacama Desert The Atacama Desert is one of the most notable deserts in South America occupying parts of Peru and Chile. It is an arid plateau, stretching along a length of 1,000 km on the coast of the Pacific Ocean located to the west of the Andes mountains.

What kind of climate is semi desert or semi arid?

A semi-arid climate, semi-desert climate, or steppe climate is the climate of a region that receives precipitation below potential evapotranspiration, but not as low as a desert climate. There are different kinds of semi-arid climates, depending on variables such as temperature, and they give rise to different biomes .

Where is the Patagonian Desert in South America?

It is located primarily in Argentina and is bounded by the Andes, to its west, and the Atlantic Ocean to its east, in the region of Patagonia, southern Argentina. To the north the desert grades into the Cuyo Region and the Monte.

Which is the driest climate in South America?

The Gran Chaco region in South America experiences a hot semi-arid climate. The semi-arid climate, also known as steppe, is the next driest climate after the desert climate.