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What is the second largest state in the continental US?

What is the second largest state in the continental US?

Alaska has the largest land area in the United States followed by Texas and California.

United States 3,796,742.23
Rank State % Of U.S.
1 Alaska 17.53%
2 Texas 7.07%
3 California 4.31%

What is america’s smallest state?

US States by Area

No. State Geographic Notes
50 Rhode Island Rhode Island is the smallest US state
40 South Carolina
17 South Dakota
36 Tennessee

Which is the second smallest state in the United States?

Delaware is 96 miles (154 km) long and ranges from 9 miles (14 km) to 35 miles (56 km) across, totaling 1,954 square miles (5,060 km 2 ), making it the second-smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island. Delaware is bounded to the north by Pennsylvania; to the east by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay,…

Which is the smallest state by land area?

When talking about land area, Rhode Island ranks as the smallest. Yet, when we discuss population, Wyoming—the 10th largest state by area—comes in with the smallest population. All information used in this article is from World Atlas. The 5 Smallest States by Land Area

Are there any smaller states in the United States?

There are plenty of significantly smaller states in the United States. Many and most of these lie in the Eastern region of the country, mainly because of their colonial history going back to before the Union was formed. Relatively newer states, particularly in the West, are urbanely planned and bigger in size for better governance.

Which is the third least populous state in the United States?

The third least-populous state is North Dakota, which has a population of 672,591. North Dakota’s capital is Bismarck and its largest city is Fargo. It is located in the upper Midwest. North Dakota’s land area is 68,976 square miles and its population density is 9.75 persons per square mile. Wildlife includes bighorn sheep, elk and moose.