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What is the role of White House Chief of Staff?

What is the role of White House Chief of Staff?

This office functions as the liaison among members of the President’s cabinet and the White House. The Office of the Chief of Staff is responsible for directing, managing and overseeing all policy development, daily operations, and staff activities for the President.

Why are the positions of White House chief of staff and press secretary key roles in the modern presidency?

Select and supervise key White House staff. Control access to the Oval Office and the president. Manage communications and information flow. Negotiate with Congress, executive branch agencies, and external political groups to implement the president’s agenda.

What is the career path for a chief of staff?

There is no set career path for a Chief of Staff. Some take the role early in their career, others move into the role 5-10 years into their career (often post-MBA), while some take the role 15-20 years in, typically in larger organizations and as an adjunct responsibility (e.g., CFO & Chief of Staff).

What is the difference between chief of staff and COO?

A chief of staff’s loyalty is always to the leader he or she serves, as opposed to the organization overall. But the focus of a COO is most often the health of the overall organization, whereas the focus of a COS is on supporting the CEO to be the best leader possible for the organization.

What is the career path for a Chief of Staff?

How much money does a Chief of Staff make?

Salary Ranges for Chiefs of Staff The salaries of Chiefs of Staff in the US range from $52,920 to $79,380 , with a median salary of $66,150 . The middle 67% of Chiefs of Staff makes $66,150, with the top 67% making $79,380.

Can an executive assistant be a chief of staff?

Defining the Roles of Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff Yes, there is overlap between the two roles. Yes, a top EA may work on special projects in a strategic capacity as one CEO’s Chief of Staff, while another EA may be more administrative and tactical. Yes, in some cases the titles are interchangeable.

Is chief of staff a high position?

What is a chief of staff? As its description implies, a chief of staff acts as the point person for all the individuals who work on behalf of someone in a position of high authority. These include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, deans, board of directors members and other senior-level leadership titles.

What’s another title for Chief of Staff?

Alternatives to use of Chief of Staff include Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Business Officer, or Chief Business Administrator.

Why Every CEO needs a chief of staff?

As a company grows and becomes more complex, hiring a chief of staff can be a smart move. They manage the needs of the CEO, Executive office, and company, such as overseeing employee satisfaction, recruiting, brand and reputation management, training, communication flow, and maximizing the CEOs reach.

Is Chief of Staff a high position?

What is the official title of the White House Chief of Staff?

The current official title is Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff is a political appointee of the President who does not require Senate confirmation, and who serves at the pleasure of the President. The position is considered to be a stepping stone.

Who was president when the White House staff was created?

It was not until 1939, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term in office, that the foundations of the modern White House staff were created using a formal structure. Roosevelt was able to get Congress to approve the creation of the Executive Office of the President, which would report directly to the president.

Who was the last president to have a chief of staff?

While not a legally required role, all presidents since Harry S. Truman have appointed a Chief of Staff; with the exception of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, whose equivalent appointments were to the office of White House appointments secretary, a role that would later be subsumed into that of Chief of Staff.

Where does the Deputy Chief of staff work?

The Deputy Chief of Staff usually has an office in the West Wing and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the White House bureaucracy, as well as such other duties as the Chief of Staff assigns to him or her.