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What is the name of Philippine Sea?

What is the name of Philippine Sea?

Western Pacific Ocean
The Philippine Sea is a marginal sea of the Western Pacific Ocean east of the Philippine archipelago (hence the name), occupying an estimated surface area of 5 million square kilometers (2×106 sq mi)….

Philippine Sea
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Trenches Izu–Bonin Trench Mariana Trench Nankai Trough Philippine Trench Ryukyu Trench

What are three seas that surround the Philippines?

Land. The Philippine archipelago is bounded by the Philippine Sea to the east, the Celebes Sea to the south, the Sulu Sea to the southwest, and the South China Sea to the west and north.

What kind of sea creatures live in the Philippines?

It lives in shallow tide pools and coral reefs with soft and sandy surfaces. Next up on our list of common sea creatures in Philippine waters is the snowflake moray eel (echidna nebulosa). It’s an enormous species, with lengths reaching up to 75 centimeters.

Where is the Philippine Sea located in the world?

The International Hydrographic Organization defines the Philippine Sea as “that area of the North Pacific Ocean off the Eastern coasts of the Philippine Islands”, bounded as follows: On the west. By the eastern limits of the East Indian Archipelago, South China Sea and East China Sea.

Where are the seagrasses in the Philippines located?

Location: Palawan is an island province of the Philippines located 600 km southwest of Manila and is flanked by the South China Sea on the west and the Sulu Sea on the east. Comments: At least 10 species of seagrass are known from Palawan.

Where are the best beaches in the Philippines?

White Beach is located on the island of Borocay, about 315 km to the south of Manila. This beach is situated off the Panay Island’s north-western tip and represents the aesthetically rich natural scenery of Borocay and the Philippines. There are tropical surroundings, panoramic ocean view, and various forms of vegetation and wildlife.