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What is the main industry in Germany?

What is the main industry in Germany?

Germany’s most important industries 4 sectors dominate industry in Germany: the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical industries. The global players are Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW (all automotive), BASF (chemical) and Siemens (electrical).

Which industry is best in Germany?

What Are The Biggest Industries In Germany?

  • Machinery, Automotive, And Aviation Industry.
  • Chemical And Medical Industry.
  • Consumer And Service Industries.
  • Energy And Environmental Technology Industry.
  • Electronics And ICT Industry.

What industry are most jobs in Germany?

The service sector continues to employ the largest share of workers in Germany, with around 71.61 percent of employees working in the sector in 2019.

What industry does Germany specialize in?

Main Industries Of Germany Germany is dominated by manufacturing industries including automotive, chemicals, metals such as iron and steel, electrical equipment, coal, ships, machine tools, high precision equipment, optics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and plastic goods.

What is the largest business in Germany?

The five largest publicly traded German companies by turnover:

  • Volkswagen. With its twelve brands, this automobile manufacturer is the undisputed number one among the largest German companies.
  • Daimler.
  • Allianz.
  • BMW.
  • Siemens.

Which job is best in Germany?

The ten most frequently sought jobs in Germany:

  • Software developer and programmer.
  • Electronics engineer, electrician.
  • Healthcare worker and nurse.
  • IT consultant, IT analyst.
  • Economist, business administrator.
  • Account manager, client consultant.
  • Production assistant.
  • Sales representative, sales assistant.

Which field is most in demand in Germany?

High Demand Jobs in Germany in 2021:

  • Civil Engineers.
  • Scientists.
  • Mathematicians.
  • Nurses and Senior Care Workers.
  • Metal Workers.
  • Electronics Technicians or Electricians.
  • Mechatronics.
  • Sellers in Retail.

Which is the most successful industry in Germany?

The single most successful German industry is mechanical engineering, with a total turnover in 1991 of DM240 billion. Unlike many industries in Germany and elsewhere, it is dominated by small rather than large companies.

Where are the main industrial areas in Germany?

Manufacturing. Almost all areas of western Germany have some industry. The main industrial areas are the Ruhr district in North Rhine-Westphalia, the traditional center of German coal, steel, and heavy industry; the concentration of industry around several large cities, such as Hanover , Munich, Frankfurt am Main,…

What kind of companies are there in Germany?

Germany is recognised for its large portion of specialised small and medium enterprises, known as the Mittelstand model. Around 1,000 of these companies are global market leaders in their segment and are labelled hidden champions.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES – Online fashion is the most popular product category in Germany, followed by consumer media and electronics. Especially in the categories ‘consumer electronics & computers’ and ‘media’ (books, music, movies, video games) German consumers are keener on shopping online instead of shopping offline.