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What is the largest peninsula in North Africa?

What is the largest peninsula in North Africa?

Horn of Africa
The largest peninsula found in Africa is the legendary Horn of Africa. This protrusion of land extends from the eastern edge of the continent, encompassing 727,000 square miles. It is composed of four countries — Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti.

What are the peninsulas in Africa?


  • Egypt. Sinai Peninsula.
  • Senegal. Cape Verde Peninsula.
  • Tunisia. Sharīk Peninsula.

    What is the peninsula in northeast Africa?

    the Horn of Africa
    THE PENINSULA OF NORTHEAST Africa is called the Horn of Africa. It lies opposite of the southern Arabian Peninsula. This area is also known as the Somali Peninsula because within it lies the countries of SOMALIA and eastern ETHIOPIA.

    What are the 3 peninsulas?

    Europes main peninsulas are the Iberian, Italian, and Balkan, located in southern Europe, and the Scandinavian and Jutland, located in northern Europe.

    What is the most famous peninsula in the world?

    15 Largest Peninsulas In The World

    Rank Peninsula Size (Square Miles)
    1 Arabian 1,250,006
    2 Deccan 800,004
    3 Indochina 748,553
    4 Horn of Africa 726,975

    What 3 peninsulas are in the Middle East?

    The Middle East. Arabian Peninsula is located in southwest Asia and is surrounded by the Red Sea on the west, the Arabian Sea on the south, and the Persian Gulf on the east. The Peninsula includes Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.

    What is the smallest peninsula in the world?

    Pyrenees. Peninsula in Europe, with an area of 600,000 km², are also called Iberian. Washes this Western part of Eurasia Mediterranean Sea and the water of the Atlantic Ocean. Earth among themselves divided two countries – Spain and a small part of Portugal.

    Which is the most important Peninsula in North Africa?

    North Africa. 1 Cabo Blanco, Mauritania/Morocco. 2 Cap Bon, Tunisia. 3 Cap Zebib, Tunisia. 4 Ceuta, Spain. 5 Río de Oro Peninsula, Western Sahara. 6 Ponta de São Lourenço, Madeira Islands (Portuguese Territory) 7 Ras Banas, Egypt. 8 Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. 9 Ras ben Sakka, Tunisia.

    Where is the Cape Verde Peninsula in Africa?

    Cape Verde Peninsula, French Presqu’île du Cap Vert, peninsula in west-central Senegal that is the westernmost point of the African continent. Formed by a combination of volcanic offshore islands and a land bridge produced by coastal currents, it projects into the Atlantic Ocean, bending back to the southeast at its tip.

    Which is the largest peninsula in the world?

    By some definitions the world’s largest peninsula, the Arabian Peninsula, is situated in Southwest Asia with the Red Sea in south west, the Persian Gulf in west and the Arabian Sea in south east.

    Which is the northernmost landform in Africa?

    The Tanger Peninsula, also called the Tangier Tetouan or Tingitanian Peninsula, forms a point in northwest Morocco. Directly north of the peninsula is the Strait of Gibraltar, while the Atlantic is to the west and the Mediterranean is on the eastern side. This region is the closest landform to Europe and is the northernmost point of Africa.