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What is the highest point in Iran?

What is the highest point in Iran?

Mount Damāvand
Iran: Relief of Iran …the chain is the snow-clad Mount Damāvand (Demavend), which is also Iran’s highest point.

Where is the highest mountain in Iran reply in Persian?

listen)) is a potentially active stratovolcano, the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East, and the highest volcano in Asia, at an elevation of 5,609 metres (18,402 ft)….Mount Damavand.

Damavand دماوند
Damavand دماوند Location in Iran
Location Amol, Māzandarān, Iran
Parent range Alborz – Mazandaran

How tall are the mountains in Iran?

List of mountains in Iran

Mountain Height (m) Range
Zard-Kuh 4,221 Zagros Mountains
Koloon Bastak 4,200 Middle Alborz Mountains
Shah Alborz 4,200 West Alborz Mountains
Zarin kuh 4,200 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains

How tall is the highest peak in Iran?

By the way Kuh in the Persian means mountain. Damavand is located in the Middle of Alborz range, in the South of Mazandaran. It is 5610 meters high and is the highest peak among Iran’s mountains and the second conical peak after Fiji in Japan. This mountain is a symbol of strength, pride, and glory in Iranian culture.

Which is the tallest mountain in the Middle East?

The icy peak of Damavand, Iran’s tallest mountain. Iran is a country in the Middle East that borders seven countries, including Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan. It also borders the Gulf of Oman, the Caspian Sea, and Persian Sea.

What are the names of the mountains in Iran?

The Elburz mountain range provides a natural barrier between the arid plateaus in central Iran and the moist slopes on the Caspian coast. Mount Damavand is integral to Persian mythology. According to a popular legend, a three-head dragon was chained to the mountain to stay there until the end times.

Where is the Damavand mountain in Iran located?

The mountain is located in north of Iran at the central part of the Alborz Mountain range located on the south of the Caspian Sea. One can see the mountain from Tehran, Varamin, Qom and the Caspian Sea beach, given the weather is not foggy or polluted.