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What is so special about Aruba?

What is so special about Aruba?

Aruba’s white sand beaches are barefoot friendly, even at the hottest hour of the day. The unique crushed coral and shell composition of Aruba’s fine, powdery white beaches keeps the sand comfortably cool, even during the hours when the sun is most intense.

Why is Aruba great?

Year-round sunny weather, white-sand beaches, friendly locals, and tasty international cuisine—these are a few of the reasons we love Aruba. In addition to picture-perfect beaches, the clear water that rings the island is perfect for snorkeling and wreck diving.

Is there a Walmart in Aruba?

Re: Is there a store in Aruba like a Target/Walmart? There isn’t specifically either a Target or Walmart. There is Pricemart which is a small version of Costco. You have to have a membership to shop there.

Is Louis Vuitton cheaper in Aruba?

The prices for the bags in Aruba are little bit higher and some bags are around the same price than the United States. The prices are not the same at all Louis Vuitton locations. In the United States all the Louis Vuitton locations the prices are the same with the exception of Hawaii.

Why is Aruba the best island in the Caribbean?

It’s something we Arubans say more than anyone else in the Caribbean. Aruba consistently ranks as having the least amount of rainfall in the Southern Caribbean. Our island is also alive with sights, sounds, and culinary delights found on no other Caribbean island.

Why are so many people coming to Aruba?

However, a number of Venezuelan asylum seekers have nevertheless been making their way (illegally) to the island due to the political strife happening in their own country. Aruba is used as something of a drugs corridor, acting as a middleman between South America , Europe and North America.

What is the geography of the island of Aruba?

Natural geography. There are some little ways of vegetation or outstanding physical features and no inland water. Aruba’s best-known geographical feature is its white-sand beaches, which are the basis of an active tourism industry that is the mainstay of the island’s economy. Aruba is situated on the Caribbean Plate Caribbean Tectonic Plate.

What kind of products do they make in Aruba?

Well, the only big export they have are the Aloe Vera products made at “Aruba Aloe”. They create beauty products and medical gel to help treat burn victims. You can tour an aloe vera factory during one of the complete island tours. 12) Aruba’s slogan is “One Happy Island” and it completely lives up to it.