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What is Nunavut best known for?

What is Nunavut best known for?

Nunavut is home to the world’s northernmost permanently inhabited place, Alert. 15. Quttinirpaaq National Park is the second most northerly park on Earth. In Inuktitut, Quttinirpaaq means “top of the world.” That sure makes sense!

What are the resources in Nunavut?

The natural resources of Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut include wildlife, freshwater, minerals, oil and gas. Yukon and the Northwest territories also have vast forests. The natural resources of Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut include wildlife, freshwater, minerals, oil and gas.

Is there WIFI in Nunavut?

The report states Nunavut is the only jurisdiction in Canada without residential access to internet speeds over 25 megabits per second. The highest possible speed in Nunavut is 15 megabits per second. Nunavut is also the only Canadian province or territory without access to fibre internet.

Are there diamonds in Nunavut?

The Jericho Diamond Mine is a dormant diamond mine located in Canada’s Nunavut territory. Jericho is Nunavut’s first and only diamond mine. It is located 420 km (260 mi) northeast of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and is accessible by air all year and by winter road from Yellowknife.

What does local food production mean in Nunavut?

Local food production means we grow, harvest, and distribute foods that we don’t normally produce in Nunavut. We can learn from creative projects in other northern communities that produce local vegetables, meats, and other foods. Local food production can help increase food security and self-reliance.

Where does the energy come from in Nunavut?

Electricity in Nunavut is produced primarily through diesel combustion. The Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) is responsible for the generation of electricity in the territory, maintaining 25 stand-alone diesel plants in 25 communities. Each community in Nunavut has its own independent electricity generation system. There is no back-up grid.

What kind of things do people do in Nunavut?

The range of tourism activities includes eco-tourism, sports hunting, fishing, cultural, adventure and educational activities. Nunavut’s four national parks and 15 territorial parks present another opportunity for visitors seeking to explore the territory’s extraordinary beauty.

How big is the economy in Nunavut Canada?

Nunavut Economy. Economy. Nunavut’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $1.75 billion in 2010 (Statistics Canada) an increase of 11.4 per cent. Conference Board of Canada forecasts that Nunavut’s economy will continue to grow at an average rate of 9.2 per cent over the next five years.