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What is it called when it rain water cycle?

What is it called when it rain water cycle?

Precipitation is water released from clouds in the form of rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, or hail. It is the primary connection in the water cycle that provides for the delivery of atmospheric water to the Earth.

In which stage of the water cycle does rain occur?

Condensation is the process of water vapor turning back into liquid water, with the best example being those big, fluffy clouds floating over your head. And when the water droplets in clouds combine, they become heavy enough to form raindrops to rain down onto your head.

What would happen if the water cycle stop?

With no water supply, all vegetation would soon die out and the world would resemble a brownish dot, rather than a green and blue one. Clouds would cease to formulate and precipitation would stop as a necessary consequence, meaning that the weather would be dictated almost entirely by wind patterns.

What happens to the Earth during the rainy season?

Rainwater affects the drainage system, especially during heavy rainfall. If the drainage system is poor, the rainwater may cause huge trouble to the surroundings. After rainfall, the water may fill in the low land areas such as pits. This stagnant water in pits increases the chances of mosquitoes and other insects.

Why does the rain appear dark in the rainy season?

You must have seen the rain falls when there are dark clouds. Well, the cloud that causes rain appears dark because they are full of heavy water droplets. These heavy droplets block the sunlight to fall on the ground and hence the day appears darker. Rainbow is an amazing view that appears in the rainy season.

How are diseases spread during the rainy season?

Because rain falls on the garbage heaps too, this gives rise to bacteria that are then carried forward by insects like flies, moths or even butterflies. So it becomes difficult to control common diseases like coughs and flu in rainy season. Stomach flu also becomes common in the rainy season. In worst cases cholera and dysentery can also be spread.

Are there any problems during the rainy season?

Here are some rainy season problems that are commonly faced by people in the season and precautions that need to be taken to avoid any mishaps because of rain. Different bacteria and viruses become active in the rainy season.