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What is francium mostly used for?

What is francium mostly used for?

Francium has no uses, having a half life of only 22 minutes. Francium has no known biological role. It is toxic due to its radioactivity. Francium is obtained by the neutron bombardment of radium in a nuclear reactor.

Where is francium most commonly found?

Sources of francium It occurs naturally in uranium minerals, but the Earth’s crust probably contains less than 1 ounce of francium at any time. Francium can be made artificially if thorium is bombarded with protons.

How is francium used in research?

It decays into radium-223 through beta decay or into astatine-219 through alpha decay. Due to the small amounts produced and its short half-life, there are currently no uses for francium outside of basic scientific research.

What is the color of francium?

Data Zone

Classification: Francium is an alkali metal
Color: silver-gray-metallic (presumed)
Atomic weight: (223), no stable isotopes
State: solid
Melting point: 27 oC , 300 K

How is francium used in the medical field?

Francium has been used in the field of research, chemistry and also in the atomic structure. It is used for diagnostics for curing cancers. It is also used in many spectroscopic experiments.

What are the properties of the element francium?

Francium is the chemical element with the chemical symbol Fr. This is the alkali metal element which is also listed as the radioactive metal element. This chemical element also has the other names like eka-caesium and actinium K. Francium’s main characteristic is its instability and rarity.

Why is francium not used as an artificial element?

Unlike many other artificial chemical elements like Pu, Tc, Pm, Np and others, Francium is not able to be obtained in the sufficient amount because the limited life time of its isotopes. Due to this fact, the experiment of this chemical element only uses the very low amount of Francium for about less than 10 -15 gram.

Why is francium used in spectroscopic experiments?

It is also used in many spectroscopic experiments. Francium is a highly radioactive metal, and since it exhibits a short half-life, it does not have more impact on the environment. Francium is a least founded metal on the planet earth and rarely found in nature.