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What is a 513 grade equivalent material?

What is a 513 grade equivalent material?

CR1 is a commercial(ordinary) quality “O” grade as per Indian standard:513 2008 specifications. CR2 is a drawing quality “D” grade as per Indian standard: 513 2008 specifications. CR3 is a deep drawing Quality “DD” grade as per Indian standard: 513 2008 specifications.

Is 513 standard thickness tolerance?

Internal diameter : 510 mm (thickness 0.63 mm and below and width up to 1020 mm) and 600 mm (for other sizes) and Coil weight: 6-23 tonnes (as per size) Tolerance as per IS /ISO-16162/2005 Common Grades : IS 513 (Part-1):2016 (CR1, CR2, CR3,CR4), IRSM 41, SAILCOR, Copper Bearing, HSCR – 26/35.

Is 513 a material standard?

This standard covers the requirements ofcold reduced low carbon steel sheets and strips for bending and drawing purpose and where the surface is of prime importance. It covers sheets and strips up to 4.50 mm thick, both in coil form and cut lengths.

Is 2062 equivalent SAE standard?

The chemical composition of IS 2062 steel is equivalent to that of ASME SA 36 steel. And the mechanical properties of IS 2062 steel almost can match that of ASME SA 36 steel also. Therefore, ASME SA 36 equivalent to IS 2062 steel.

Is 513 an O grade?

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a IS: 513 Ordinary, Drawing, Deep Drawing, Extra Deep Drawing Quality. Manufactured from quality grade steel, the proposed collection is appreciated for its uniform hardness and zero metallurgical defects.

Is 3074 a material grade?

The IS 3074 Pipe grades and separation is mainly based on the carbon content of the pipes. The cew2 has 0.16%, cew 3 has 0.2, cew 4 has 0.25 and the cew 5 has 0,23% carbon maximum in the composition with other elements.

Is standard for sheet metal thickness?

The sheets are defined as the rectangular sections with thickness up to 5mm. Strips are produced in large lengths and rolled in to coils in which thickness is specified as up to 12mm.

IS 2062 grade A and B difference?

As ISO 9001:2008 accredited, we supply IS 2062 Grade A, B and C Sheets that having excellent quality to fully satisfy customers requirements….

Element Carbon Steel IS 2062
Tensile StrengthMin, Mpa 410
Yield Stress (>40 mm) 230
% Elongation at gauge length 5.65 √Ѕo 23 min
Bend Test (min) 3t* (*t is 3 times thickness)

What is CR4 material?

CR4 stands for Cold reduced steel sheets. Making steel sheets and plates using this method results in a product with a smoother surface and a fine finish. This product Is used for a multitude of purposes including fuel tanks, tool boxes, drip pans, trailer siding, etc.

What is CR2 material?

CR2 steels are drawing quality mild steel implied in ISO 3574 and is graded equivalent to SPCD steels in JIS standard. CR2 Steels are applicable for drawing processes that are applicable for minimal extend. Dimensional Range of CR2 Steel: CR2 Steels is available from thickness range 0.25 mm to 4.0 mm.

What is the full form of ERW pipe?

Electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe is made from steel coil and the weld seam runs parallel to the pipe.

When was the first is 513 standard published?

This standard was first published in 1954 and revised in 1963, 1973, 1986 and 1994. While reviewing this standard, in the light ofexperience gained during these years, the Committee decided to revise it to bring in line with the present manufacturing and trade practices being followed in the country in this field.

Which is the equivalent grade of 513 grade D?

I would like to know the equivalent grade of IS 513 Grade D, Quality CR2 (Hardness-65HRB) in JIS OR DIN Standard. Interested in this topic?

What is Amendment No.1 July 2010 to is 513?

AMENDMENT NO. 1 JULY 2010 TO IS 513 : 2008 COLD REDUCED LOW CARBON STEEL SHEET AND STRIP ( Fifth Revision ) (Page1, clause3) ― Insert ‘CR0’, before ‘CR1’. (Page1, clause4.3) ― Substitute the following for the existing first para: ‘Sheets and strips of CR2, CR3, CR4 and CR5 grade shall be supplied in annealed and skin passed condition.

Which is the equivalent steel for ISO 9001?

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