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What does Triva mean?

What does Triva mean?

1. Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. 2. Miscellaneous facts, especially when the subject of questions in games and quizzes. [Latin, neuter pl.

What is the meaning of trivia time?

trivia game in British English (ˈtrɪvɪə ɡeɪm) or trivia quiz. noun. a trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions about interesting but unimportant facts in many subjects. a pub trivia game.

What is the meaning of facts in Tagalog?

The English word “fact” can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: Best translations for the English word fact in Tagalog: katotohanan [noun] truth; validity; fact; actuality; reality 18 Example Sentences Available » more…

What is the singular of trivia?

The trivia (singular trivium) are three lower Artes Liberales: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

What carelessness means?

1a : free from care : untroubled careless days. b : indifferent, unconcerned careless of the consequences. 2 : not taking care My brother was too careless of his charge.—

Is trivia good for your brain?

Trivia questions are very good for your memory. Trivia keeps us smart and engaged. Just like your body benefits from exercise, so does the brain. Trivia is great because you are trying to recall information from inside your brain that you don’t use a lot.

What are examples of trivia?

Trivia is defined as little-known facts or unimportant matters. Examples of trivia are details of a fight that happened decades ago. An example of trivia is a game in which team members race to see who can be the first to answer questions about insiginificant facts of history, popular culture, art and science.

What is bluff means in Tagalog?

English to Tagalog

English Tagalog
bluff kabulastugan;
bluff [blæf] Magaspang; bastos

What do you call someone who plays trivia?

5y. A person who takes quizzes is called a player or quiz player. 3.

What causes carelessness?

The consequences way of carelessness are often undesirable and tend to be mistakes. A lack of concern or an indifference for the consequences of the action due to inattention may partake in the origin of carelessness.

Is carelessness an emotion?

an emotional state characterized by carelessness toward oneself, indifference to one’s surroundings (including other people), and inappropriate emotional reactions.

Which is the best dictionary definition of trivia?

Definition of trivia. : unimportant matters : trivial facts or details also singular in construction : a quizzing game involving obscure facts.

Can you use trivia as a singular or plural?

Hint: Trivia can be used as a singular or a plural in writing and speaking. What made you want to look up trivia? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Get Word of the Day daily email! Love words? Need even more definitions?

Are there any interesting facts about the Philippines?

But hiding beneath its surface are lesser-known facts and trivia even Filipinos may not be aware of. In this updated and comprehensive list, we’ll rediscover some of the most amazing trivia and facts about the Philippines that will make you realize this country paradise is more than meets the eye. 1. Juan Luna’s dark side. 2.

Are there any unique words in the Filipino language?

When it comes to languages, they are all unique. The Filipino language offers several examples of beautiful words that are both fun to say and have powerful meanings. Explore 50 unique, powerful, cute and romantic Filipino words and their meanings.