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What country has the healthiest economy in South America?

What country has the healthiest economy in South America?

Chile has the richest economy in South America in terms of GDP per capita.

What is the cleanest country in South America?

The Latin American city with the cleanest air is Salvador, Brazil, followed by Cali, Colombia and Guadalajara, Mexico. Still, only Salvador’s air has pollution levels below the WHO’s recommended average of 19 micrograms per cubic meter.

What is the most successful South American country?

Uruguay has been named Latin America and the Caribbean’s most prosperous country in 2018. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group – the Sustainable Economic Development Assessment – Uruguay is the best at turning economic prosperity into citizen wellbeing.

What is the most visited country in South America?

Mexico was the most visited country by international tourists in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2019, with approximately 45 million arrivals.

Which country in South America has the highest crime rate?

Venezuela is among the most violent places in Latin America. Class tension has long been a part of life in the South American country, where armed robberies, carjackings and kidnappings are frequent.

Which is the richest country in South America?

Uruguay was the South American country with the highest average income per capita, with over 16.2 thousand U.S. dollars per person per year. Chile ranked second, registering a gross national income of around 15 thousand U.S. dollars per person, based on current prices.

What is the average health expenditure in Latin America?

The average health expenditure (as a percentage of GDP) of Latin American countries is 6.7%, but there is a high variability in both the expenditure and per capita income in each country (Figure 1). At the same time, the average investment in public health is below that of First World countries (Figure 2).

What are the major economic activities in South America?

Now, major economic activities include agriculture, industry, forestry, and mining . In 1549, four countries, which include Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and República Bolivariana de Venezuela experienced decline in output. Other countries in the region were observing slowdown in growth rates.

Which is the most developed country in South America?

As well as enjoying high living standards and a developed economy, Chile is also one of South America’s most advanced sovereign states, leading the charge in Latin America when it comes to human development, economic freedom, globalization, low corruption, and low homicide rate.