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What conflict was started in the Ohio River Valley?

What conflict was started in the Ohio River Valley?

the French and Indian War
Incidents leading up to the French and Indian War, 1753–54. The French and Indian War, the North American phase of the larger Seven Years’ War, began after a series of incidents in the upper Ohio River valley, which the French and British governments both claimed as their territory.

Why did the British want to claim the Ohio River Valley?

In North America, Great Britain and France both claimed the Ohio River Valley. British settlers wanted to farm the rich soil there, and the French wanted to trap beavers and trade the furs. In 1754, the contest over the land along the Ohio River began a war that lasted almost ten years.

Why was the French and Indian War in the Ohio River valley?

Braddock’s Defeat was part of the French and Indian War (1754-1763), as it was called in America. In 1754, warfare erupted in the American colonies between France and Great Britain, each concerned about the expansion of their imperial holdings west of the Allegheny chain of the Appalachian Mountains, in the vast and rich Ohio River Valley.

Why was the Ohio River valley important to the British?

Further, British King George III (ruled 1760-1820), feared that if American colonists rushed to settle the newly-won territory west of the Appalachians, it would upset Britain’s American Indian allies. So, George III announced the Royal Proclamation of 1763, temporarily restricting further settlement in the Ohio Valley region.

How did the Ohio River change over time?

By the time Schulte began monitoring fish species in the 1990s, thanks to environmental and industrial regulations like the Clean Water Act, the Ohio River and its major tributaries, including the Mon, had changed. They no longer looked or smelled like open sewers.

Who is trying to clean up the Ohio River?

ORSANCO is the commission organized to clean up the Ohio River. The acronym stands for the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, and their efforts are considered by many not to be doing enough for the process of cleaning up the river.