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What are the steps to writing a constitution?

What are the steps to writing a constitution?


  1. Gather ideas and information from group members, faculty members, administrators, and constitutions from other organizations.
  2. Review the gathered information.
  3. Decide the basics of your constitution.
  4. Decide the basics for each part of the constitution.
  5. Edit the constitution.
  6. Seek feedback.

A constitution is a type of governing document. Your constitution is important because: It ensures that your group’s work is conducted in a responsible way and in accordance with the law. It makes your group accountable and ensures your group makes decisions in a democratic way.

What factors should be considered in drawing up a constitution?

What factors should be considered in drawing up a Constitution?

  • The preamble or an introduction which.
  • The type of.
  • The organs of.
  • The rights and duties of the citizens.
  • Whether it should be.
  • The type and characteristics of government i.e either unitary, federal, presidential or cabinet system to be adopted.

What is the difference between Constitution and bylaws?

The Constitution of an organization contains the fundamental principles which govern its operation. The Bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the group is to function.

What is a CBO?

Community-based organizations are non-profit, non-governmental, or charitable organizations that represent community needs and work to help them. CBOs may be associated with a particular area of concern or segment of the community.

How is a community based organization ( CBO ) registered in Kenya?

Others are much smaller and informal, are registered by the Department of Gender and Social Development. For a community-based organization (CBO) to be registered in Kenya through the Department of Gender and Social Services, a registration form must be duly filled and signed by;

How does the Constitution apply to the CBO?

7.3 Each Member of the CBO will have the power to appoint one other person to act as his or her alternate, during a temporary absence or inability to act. The alternate must not be disqualified from acting under this Constitution and must have been approved by a majority of the remaining Members of the CBO.

How to create a model CBO constitution for IRC?

MODEL CONSTITUTION OF A COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATION AS WATER SERVICES PROVIDER 1 Name of Community Based Organisation (CBO) 1.1 The name of the CBO is ……………………………. (specify the name) hereinafter referred to as ‘the CBO’’. 2 Purpose of this Constitution

How to write a constitution and bylaws?

HOW TO WRITE A CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS SAMPLE CONSTITUTIONAL OUTLINE Title of Document: Constitution of “Organization’s Name,” University of Southern Indiana. Preamble: A one paragraph statement of the mission of the organizations, telling why it was created. Article I. NAME The name of this organization shall be….. Article II. PURPOSE