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What are the states that border the state of Alabama?

What are the states that border the state of Alabama?

Alabama shares its borders with the states of Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. The Alabama-Mississippi Border The boundary between Alabama and Mississippi is situated in Alabama’s western region.

How many counties are there in the state of Alabama?

Counties of Alabama. Alabama counties (clickable map) The U.S. state of Alabama has 67 counties. Each county serves as the local level of government within its borders. The land enclosed by the present state borders was joined to the United States of America gradually.

What are the major cities in the state of Alabama?

Other major cities are, Mobile, a major port and the Cotton state’s oldest city; Huntsville, Alabama’s largest city by land area; and Tuscaloosa, which served as Alabama’s capital city from 1826 to 1846. The population of Alabama is composed of white (65%), African-American (27%), Hispanics or Latino (4.6%), and Asian (1.5%).

Which is the largest geographic region in Alabama?

The Coastal Plain province of Alabama is the largest geographic region (about 60%) in the state. It is a mostly flat region, but here and there, it offers some change in the landscape, rounded and eroded hills, cuestas, and Flatwoods; and the are the floodplains of the Alabama and Black Warrior rivers. [ 2]

What are the bordering states of Florida and Georgia?

State Name Bordering States Florida Alabama, Georgia Georgia Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Hawaii None Idaho Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washingto

What are the bordering states of the United States?

State name Bordering State Number of bordering states; 1. Alabama: Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia: 4: 2. Alaska: None: None: 3. Arizona: Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, California, Colorado: 5: 4. Arkansas: Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri: 6: 5. California: Oregon, Arizona, Nevada: 3: 6. Colorado

Are there any towns on the border of Tennessee and Alabama?

One of the unique towns located on the border of the two states is Ardmore. The town is situated within four counties, two in Tennessee and two in Alabama. Ardmore is essential because it was used for initial testing of the Apollo Spacecraft. The town was also the home of the Saturn IB Rocket.

How big is the state of Alabama in square miles?

Tennessee is one of the states bordering Alabama. Welcome to Alabama road sign at the Alabama-Georgia border. Alabama is an American state situated in the country’s southeastern part where it covers an area of roughly 52,419 square miles. Alabama is the country’s 24th most populous state and the 30th largest regarding the land area.

What is the name of the state that borders Arkansas?

Tennessee is located in the southeastern region of the US and borders Arkansas to the east with the Mississippi River forming the state border. It is the 16th most populous state in the US.

What are the states that border the state of Mississippi?

The area later fell under the control of the British and the Spanish who also contributed to shaping the state’s borders. In the modern era, Mississippi shares its borders with four other US states, namely Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

What are the states that border the state of Tennessee?

Which States Border Tennessee? 1 The Almost Straight Tennessee-Kentucky Border. Tennessee and Kentucky share a boundary line to the north of Tennessee. Interestingly, Kentucky is 2 Virginia-Tennessee Boundary. 3 North Carolina-Tennessee Border. 4 Tennessee Southern Boundary. 5 Arkansas-Tennessee Border. More items