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What are the states surrounding Wisconsin?

What are the states surrounding Wisconsin?

This midwestern state is bordered by Minnesota, Michigan, and Lake Superior in the north, Lake Michigan in the east, Illinois in the south, and Iowa and Minnesota in the west.

What separates Wisconsin from Michigan?

Menominee River Wisconsin
The Menominee River is located in the upper midwest and forms much of the border between the state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The name of the river comes from an Ojibwe/Algonquian term for “wild rice” or “in the place of wild rice”.

What are the states that border the state of Wisconsin?

It has the second-longest Great Lakes coastline after Michigan. Also known as “ America’s Dairyland ,” the state is a top dairy producer in the country and is especially famous for its cheese. Wisconsin is bordered by Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan.

What do Iowa and Wisconsin have in common?

These two states share a common culture and climate. Iowa borders Wisconsin to the southwest and also shares Wisconsin’s western boundary with Minnesota. Iowa was admitted to the Union in December 1846 as the 29th state while Wisconsin gained statehood one and a half years later as the 30th state.

Are there any lakes in the state of Wisconsin?

A tributary of the Mississippi, the St. Croix River, forms the rest of the western border. Only the border between Wisconsin and Illinois to the south is dry. Wisconsin has over 14,000 lakes, of which Winnebago is the largest. Water sports, ice-boating, and fishing are popular, as are skiing and hunting.

What are the two letter abbreviations for Wisconsin?

The United States is made up of 50 states, all with their own unique two-letter postal abbreviations. It can be a hard task memorizing the two letters required when filling in an address, especially when some states have very similar lettering. Here’s what you need to know about the abbreviation for Wisconsin.