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What are the challenges to free and fair elections in India Brainly?

What are the challenges to free and fair elections in India Brainly?

use of money: political parties may use money to win votes from people. use of muscle power: they may threat the voter to caste vote for them. criminals in politics: this leads to involvement of corrupt practices in elections. capturing of booths: participants may capture a booth.

What is responsible for free and fair elections in India?

Election Commission is the federal body of India which is enacted under the provisions of the Constitution, responsible for monitoring and administering all the electoral processes of India. This body is responsible for ensuring elections are free and fair, without any bias.

What do we mean by free and fair election?

The most fundamental principle defining credible elections is that they must reflect the free expression of the will of the people. To achieve this, elections should be transparent, inclusive, and accountable, and there must be equitable opportunities to compete in the elections.

What are the major challenges to the working of democracy in India Class 9?

1) Poverty, health care, low literacy rate, over population, unemployment are prevalent in most parts of India, hampering national progress. 2) Caste and gender discrimination continues to prevail in Indian Society, slackening advancement and development.

What are the main functions of the Election Commission of India?

The election commission has the right to allow symbols to the political parties. It gives recognition to the national parties, state parties and regional parties. It sets limits on poll expenses. The commission prepare electoral rolls and update the voter’s list from time to time.

What makes election in India democratic?

What Makes Election in India Democratic? 1) Independent Election Commission In India, elections are conducted by the Election Commission (EC). EC takes decisions on every aspect of conduct and control of elections from the announcement of elections to the declaration of results.

What is the importance of free and fair elections?

Free and fair elections play a critical role in political transitions by advancing democratization and encouraging political liberalization – helping to promote peaceful, democratic political transformation that lead to increased stability and prosperity.

Who is responsible for free and fair election?

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is a permanent and independent body established by the Constitution of India directly to ensure free and fair elections in the country.