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What advantages did the French have over the British?

What advantages did the French have over the British?

what advantage did the french have over the british throughout the french and indian war? they understood the indians and indian warfare. they were allies.

What World war brought an end to the French power in the New World?

The Seven Years’ War
The Seven Years’ War, a global conflict known in America as the French and Indian War, ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by France, Great Britain and Spain. In the early 1750s, France’s expansion into the Ohio River valley repeatedly brought the country into armed conflict with the British colonies.

What was the main focus of the New France economy?

The most important economic activity in new France was The fur trade as it was the real economic engine of New France. The exploitation of furs, which has ensured the wealth of Canadians, is largely what has favored the exploration of the continent.

Why did France want to colonize New France?

Whatever economic gains France got out of New France were trivial compared to the wealth it extracted from its Caribbean colonies. France set up these colonies so a tiny white elite managed a plantation-based economy worked by African slaves, and this produced huge wealth for France.

What was life like for colonists in New France?

However, that doesn’t mean that life could not be pleasant : an habitant of New France often had a much better life than a French peasant, and social hierarchy was less rigid. Anyway, if you wanted more even freedom, you could simply vanish in the nature and be adopted by indigenous nations…

What did France gain from the Revolutionary War?

The Brits only kept the parts that were in India proper. France did make some important gains from the American Revolution, but they were mainly longer term. The first was that she deprived Britain of what later became the United States.

What was the social structure in New France?

In New France there were no privileged orders. This, indeed, was the most marked difference between the social organization of the home land and that of the colony.