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Is Williams Lake BC a good place to live?

Is Williams Lake BC a good place to live?

Williams Lake has been ranked as the 153rd best city to live in Canada. The rankings, done by, were originally started to help find the best place to live in Canada by cost.

How many houses are in Williams Lake?

The Williams Lake census agglomeration (CA) covers a land area of 2,656.73 square kilometers and is home to 18,945 residents (2015),1 59% of whom live within the City of Williams Lake.

Why is Williams Lake called Williams Lake?

Williams Lake is named in honor of Secwepemc chief William. The story of Williams Lake began in 1860 during the Cariboo Gold Rush when Gold Commissioner Philip Henry Nind and Constable William Pinchbeck arrived from Victoria to organize a local government and maintain law and order.

How much snow does Williams Lake get?

Wrap up in layers in the month of December when snow builds up tp an average of 30.4 centimetres. This is 33.52% of the annual snowfall experienced in Williams Lake, BC. The month of Janurary is also snowy with an average snowfall of 23.8 cm. Following Janurary is November, when 17.5 cm is the average snowfall.

How dangerous is Williams Lake?

Williams Lake 1, BC Crime

Index Williams Lake 1/100k people National/100k people
Total crime 7,727 (estimate) 4,679
Violent crime 1,434 (estimate) 1,155
Property crime 6,293 (estimate) 3,524

How safe is Williams Lake?

For the second year in a row Williams Lake has ranked seventh in Statistics Canada’s crime severity index for cities with a core population of 10,000 or more. Williams Lake RCMP Insp.

Is Williams Lake Safe?

Water Quality The City of Williams Lake draws its water from an underground aquifer, which is a safe and secure source. The water is chlorinated for disinfection at the source. The water meets the Canadian Drinking Water Health Guidelines.

What is Williams Lake known for?

Williams Lake is a city in the Central Interior of British Columbia, in the central part of a region known as the Cariboo. The city is famous for its Williams Lake Stampede, the second largest professional rodeo in Canada after only the Calgary Stampede. …

How long is Williams Lake?

Williams Lake (British Columbia)

Williams Lake
Max. length 7.2 km (4.5 mi)
Max. width 1.3 km (0.81 mi)
Surface area 7.2 km2 (2.8 sq mi)
Average depth 12.2 m (40 ft)

How cold does it get in Williams Lake BC?

In Williams Lake, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy and the winters are freezing, snowy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 15°F to 77°F and is rarely below -10°F or above 87°F.

What is the most dangerous lake in Canada?

Williams Lake
Williams Lake has once again cracked the top 10 of Maclean’s Magazine’s annual Canada’s Most Dangerous Places to Live list.

Where is Williams Lake located in British Columbia?

/  52.12944°N 122.13833°W  / 52.12944; -122.13833 Williams Lake is a city in the Central Interior of British Columbia, in the central part of a region known as the Cariboo. Williams Lake is the second largest city, by population of metropolitan area, in the Cariboo after neighboring Quesnel.

What was the population of Williams Lake in 2014?

Answer: Williams Lake, Canada (Administrative unit: British Columbia) – last known population is ≈ 11 000 (year 2014). This was 0.031% of total Canada population. If population growth rate would be same as in period 2011-2014 (+0.52%/year), Williams Lake population in 2019 would be: 11 294*.

What’s the cost of living in Williams Lake BC?

Cost of Living in Williams Lake, BC. May 2021. Prices in Williams Lake We need more contributors for Williams Lake, BC to increase our data quality. Do you live in Williams Lake, BC?

What to expect when moving to Williams Lake?

Williams Lake, located in the Cariboo region in British Columbia, is a great place to call home. So what can you expect when moving to Williams Lake? “Live comfortably, live happily, and live fulfilled” This might as well be on the flag of Williams Lake, because those three things are so easy to accomplish when living here.