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Is two sentence horror stories real?

Is two sentence horror stories real?

It may be called Two-Sentence Horror Stories, but each episode of The CW’s new horror anthology show is a full-blown tale of terror. Fortunately, Two Sentence Horror Stories is not based on real events. So while it may keep you up at night, at least you can remind yourself it’s fictional.

What are some creepy things to say?

Creepy Things to SayDon’t go home. You smell different when you’re awake.You have lovely skin. I don’t want to alarm you, but right now, there is a skeleton inside of you.Just relax. Underneath all these clothes… You smell just like my grandmother… after they dug her up.I know what you did and I know who you are.

What’s the weirdest thing to say?

Adults say the funniest things…“I’ll pay you £50 to shut up.”“He’s literally worse than Hitler.”“You and my wife could mud-wrestle naked.”“Babies aren’t just for Christmas, you know.”“I want a piglet. “Anyone interested in a pile of bricks, it’s free on craigslist.”