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Is it illegal to kill a rattlesnake in NY?

Is it illegal to kill a rattlesnake in NY?

New York. All snakes are protected from killing or harassment in the Empire State. But there are only three venomous snakes here to worry about. One of these is the federally protected Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.

Where in the US are there no rattlesnakes?

The best American state for snake-o-phobes is Alaska, home to no poisonous serpents. In fact, no snakes of any kind have been documented as permanent homesteaders. Close also-rans are Hawaii and Maine, with respectively one and one possible venomous snake species.

What time of day are timber rattlesnakes most active?

Timber rattlesnakes live up to ten years. Although diurnal (active during the day) during spring and fall, timber rattlesnakes become nocturnal (active at night) during the oppressive heat of the summer. They will coil beside a fallen tree or log and wait for their quick-moving prey to pass.

Are there any venomous snakes in New York?

Venomous Snakes in New York: Distribution and Identification. All three are uncommon. The timber rattlesnake (listed as “Threatened” by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) enjoys the widest range; it is found mainly in the southeastern part of the state, except Long Island and New York City,…

Where to find rattlesnakes in New York City?

Luckily, for most people in New York, you’ll only encounter one of these snakes along a hiking trail in secluded areas that are away from populated areas and attractions, or in more rare circumstances, in your yard or even underneath the hood of your car. First up, you have the Timber Rattlesnake – eek!

Are there rattlesnakes in the eastern United States?

The timber rattlesnake, commonly known as a canebrake rattlesnake, is a species of venomous pit viper found in the eastern region of the US, according to Snake Facts. It is the third-largest venomous snake in the country and is one of North America’s most dangerous snakes.

What kind of snakes are found in Pennsylvania?

There are 3 venomous species in the state, but the most common venomous snake to find in Pennsylvania is the Timber Rattlesnake. Timber Rattlesnakes are found in rocky areas and forests throughout most of the state. Northern Copperheads are slightly less common and is found in areas similar to the Timber Rattlesnake.