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How tall and wide is the Three Gorges Dam?

How tall and wide is the Three Gorges Dam?

The Three Gorges Dam includes three areas: the dam itself, a hydroelectric, and a system of locks. The height of the Three Gorges Dam is 185 meters (607 ft) above the sea level. The dam is about 2,300 meters (7,546 ft) long and about 115 meters (377 ft) wide.

How big is the lake behind the Three Gorges Dam?

The dam’s 410-mile-long (660-kilometer-long) reservoir will flood about 244 square miles (632 square kilometers) of land—including well over a thousand towns and villages.

How many workers died building the Three Gorges Dam?

A conveyor belt from an American-built tower crane fell more than 60 feet onto a group of Chinese workers at the controversial Three Gorges Dam project, killing three and injuring 30, the Chinese press reported.

What is the smallest dam in the world?

Inks Dam

Inks Dam
Impounds Colorado River
Height 96.5 feet (29.4 m)
Length 1,547.5 feet (471.7 m)
Width (base) 75.1 feet (22.9 m)

How big is the Three Gorges Dam in China?

Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River in China. The Three Gorges Dam is the World’s Largest Hydroelectric Dam. China’s Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydroelectric dam based on generating capacity. It is 1.3 miles wide, over 600 feet in height, and has a reservoir that stretches 405 square miles.

How tall is the ship lift in Three Gorges Dam?

The ship lift can carry maximum of 3000 tons’ ship, has a maximum tonnage of 15,500 tons, and a maximum climbing height of 113 meters (371 ft). To set up a ship lift in such a large dam is not an easy work, the whole line length 5,000 meters and 146 meters in height totally, For the project safety and difficulties]

What are the benefits of the Three Gorges Dam?

Three Gorges Dam, dam on the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) just west of the city of Yichang in China. The largest dam in the world, it allows the navigation of oceangoing freighters, generates hydroelectric power, and may offer flood protection. Learn more about the Three Gorges Dam.

How big is the Three Gorges hydroelectric power station?

The total installed capacity of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station is 18,200 MW with an annual electricity output of 84.68 billion KW/h. The total length of the dam axis is 2309.37 meters.