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How much do Chinese spend on food?

How much do Chinese spend on food?

In 2018, expenditure on food per capita for China was 814.5 US dollars. Expenditure on food per capita of China increased from 356 US dollars in 2009 to 814.5 US dollars in 2018 growing at an average annual rate of 9.87%.

Which country spends the most on fast food?

The United States eats the most fast food in the world. Burgers are the most popular form of fast food, taking up more than 50 percent of total fast food expenditure in the country.

How much money is spent on fast food a year?

The average American individually spends $1,200 a year on fast food alone, while the average American household spends around 10% of their income. That adds up to $110 billion dollars a year, which could end world hunger for up to three years.

How big is the fast food industry in China?

The Fast-Food Restaurants industry in China is very large, generating an estimated $162.2 billion in 2021. The industry has performed well, with revenue expected to rise at an annualized 2.4% over the five years through 2021….

How much does it cost to get food in China?

The cost is usually around 10 yuan, and the food includes rice, meat, vegetables, and soup. Another type provides set meals from a menu to collect/take-away from the counter, more like KFC, but not as fast. These are more like 20 yuan per tray of soup, rice, and main dish. These restaurants are not recommended for tourists.

How much do we spend on fast food per week?

For many people that’s a significant proportion of their food budget. In fact, some estimates indicate that some of us are spending around a third of our food budgets on fast food and takeaways. The same survey states that we are consuming 84 fast food meals each every year – that’s almost two per week.

What is the share of spending on food in China?

Food’s share of spending has declined to under 40 percent for urban households and about 45 percent for rural households. Household incomes in China, when converted to U.S. dollars at the official exchange rate, seem low. The average household income of the top 10 percent of urban Chinese households (about 4.5 percent of all households) is

How is China feeding its population of 1.4 billion?

Decades of economic growth have enabled China’s leaders to make considerable strides in increasing food access across the country, but China’s economic boom has generated a new set of demographic demands and environmental strains. This interactive visualizes China’s food imports and exports with the world.