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How many votes did Bush get in 2008?

How many votes did Bush get in 2008?

List of United States presidential candidates by number of votes received

Candidate Year Popular vote
George W. Bush 2004 62,040,610
Mitt Romney 2012 60,933,504
John McCain 2008 59,948,323
John Kerry 2004 59,028,444

Who won the Democratic Primary 2008?

2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries

Candidate Barack Obama Hillary Clinton
Home state Illinois New York
Delegate count 2,272.5 1,978
Contests won 33 23 (without MI and FL)
Popular vote 17,535,458 17,493,836

Who was the only president that was not affiliated with a major political party while in office?

Greatly concerned about the capacity of political parties to destroy the fragile unity holding the nation together, Washington remained unaffiliated with any political faction or party throughout his eight-year presidency. He was, and remains, the only U.S. president never affiliated with a political party.

Who beat Obama in 2008 Democratic primary?

January 14 to June 8, 2008

Nominee Barack Obama Hillary Clinton
Party Democratic Democratic
Home state Illinois New York
States carried 29 + D.C 21
Popular vote 17,584,692 17,857,501

Who beat Obama in 2008 primary?

Obama won a decisive victory over McCain, winning the Electoral College and the popular vote by a sizable margin, including states that had not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate since 1976 (North Carolina) and 1964 (Indiana and Virginia).

Who is the only president to serve two non consecutive terms?

The first Democrat elected after the Civil War in 1885, our 22nd and 24th President Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later (1885-1889 and 1893-1897).

Which political party in the United States had the longest continuous existence?

However, modern political parties are considered to have emerged around the end of the 18th century; they are usually considered to have first appeared in Europe and the United States of America, with the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party and the Democratic Party of the United States both frequently called the …

What was the voter turnout in November 2008?

Before Americans went to the polls on November 4, much was made in media reports about record levels of voter registration and high enthusiasm levels among the electorate.

What was the percentage of youth voters in 2008?

As for the youth vote, Tufts University’s Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) estimates that 52 percent to 53 percent of eligible voters under the age of 30 went to the polls in 2008. That’s up from 48 percent in 2004.

What was the percentage of people who voted in the primaries?

More than 57.6 million people, or 28.5% of estimated eligible voters, voted in the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries that all but wrapped up Tuesday – close to but not quite at the record participation level set in 2008.

What was the voter turnout in the Minnesota recount?

Minnesota, where the recount battle between incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman and comedian Al Franken has raged on for weeks, had the highest voter turnout, at 77.8 percent. Hawaii and West Virginia are tied for the lowest turnout, with 50.6 percent each.