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How long is Swedish holiday?

How long is Swedish holiday?

According to the Annual Leave Act, you are entitled to 25 full days of vacation every year regardless of your age or type of employment (information about the Annual Leave Act only available in Swedish). If you are working irregular hours or part-time, your annual vacation is recalculated to the equivalent of 25 days.

How much vacation do Swedes get?

Every employee in Sweden is entitled to at least 25 days of paid holiday every year: a period that runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Do Swedes work in the summer?

As most full-time employees are off to a warm place in Southern Europe or Asia or their beloved summer cottages in the countryside, students take their place for the summer months. It’s a win-win situation. Employees go on holidays, students work on summer jobs to earn money for their own trips later on.

Do Swedes work in July?

Summer jobs Don’t work in July, unless you’re under 25 years old. Then you may have a summer job to replace all the sun-seeking holiday-Swedes. That means, during July, basically whole Sweden is steered by teens and tweens.

When do Swedes go on holiday in summer?

A lot of Swedes take several weeks of holiday just after midsummer to fully enjoy life. Schools in Sweden are closed from mid-June to mid-August. Many companies are also semesterstängt (closed for the holidays) for 4-5 weeks.

What are the official holidays of the Swedish government?

The official Swedish holidays are röda dagen (red days) in Sweden. These are the days when most of Sweden do not have to work. I put them bold in the list below. Midsummer Eve and Christmas Eve are in bold and italic. Although no official holidays in Sweden, most of the Swedish take the day off or stop working earlier.

Which is the most celebrated day of the year in Sweden?

More about the Swedish Midsummer. Midsummer is one of the most celebrated days of the year, and everything closes down on Midsummer day. Most workers only work a half day or have the day off on Midsummer Eve. It’s a traditional holiday that goes back for centuries.

How many weeks off can you take in Sweden?

Under Swedish law, an employer cannot refuse workers the chance to take four weeks off during the months of June, July or August, apart from in certain special circumstances, such as if summer is the peak business time for the company.