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How far is Boston from San Francisco by plane?

How far is Boston from San Francisco by plane?

Distance from Boston to San Francisco, CA is approximately 4340 kilometers….Flights from Boston to San Francisco, CA • Airlines & Flight Duration.

Airline & Journey Duration
United Airlines BOS ➝ SFO 6 hrs 35 mins
JetBlue Airways BOS ➝ SFO 6 hrs 49 mins
Delta Air Lines BOS ➝ SFO 7 hrs 7 mins

How long is the flight from Boston to San Francisco?

Your trip begins in Boston, Massachusetts. It ends in San Francisco, California. Your flight direction from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA is West(-79 degrees from North). The flight time calculator measures the average flight duration between points. It uses the great circle formula to compute the travel mileage. Boston, Massachusetts

How long is the flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

The majority of flights from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) fly into San Francisco International Airport (SFO), although some airlines may fly to Oakland (OAK) or San Jose (SJC). From Oakland, you can get to San Francisco via public transit in as little as 30 minutes.

How long is the flight from San Francisco to Singapore?

All flight schedules from San Francisco International, United States to Singapore Changi, Singapore. This route is operated by 2 airline (s), and the departure time is between 11:30 – 23:10. The distance is 8486 miles. All weekly departures with Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines is a member of Star Alliance.

Where are United Airlines flights from San Francisco?

Flights are arriving at terminal 2 at SIN and departing from terminal I at SFO. More destinations from San Francisco with United Airlines (UA). With’s brilliant airport map you can explore all non-stop flights from a specific airport. Simply select your preferred airport to get an overview of every single non-stop flight offered.