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How expensive is living in Alaska?

How expensive is living in Alaska?

Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Alaska is cheaper than the US average….Alaska cost of living is 125.8.

COST OF LIVING Alaska United States
Housing 134.3 100
Median Home Cost $310,600 $231,200
Utilities 169.8 100
Transportation 98.2 100

Do I get money if I move to Alaska?

Do you get paid to live in Alaska? While it’s a common misconception that you can move there for free, you can get paid to live in Alaska. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) takes the state’s oil wealth and shares an annual portion with all permanent residents (both children and adults).

Is the cost of living in Alaska high?

You know—just in case. Alaska owes much of its natural beauty to its isolation, but it comes at a cost. Almost everything has to be shipped into Alaska, which drives costs up, especially where groceries are concerned. In fact, the cost of living in Alaska is about 28% higher than the national average.

How much does it cost to fly to Alaska?

Cost of flight to Anchorage, about $400–600 round trip. Overall, the cost of living is about 15–20% higher than in the lower 49 states. The problem with Alaska is most things are imported from the lower 48 or Canada. Labor is expensive because nobody’s going to do it except for the locals.

What’s the most expensive thing to do in Alaska?

In general, we think that just about anyone and everyone living in a rural part of Alaska can agree that gasoline is incredibly expensive. Playing hard on the ATVs or going out deep on the saltwater or up the river is always a blast, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Is it expensive to live in Ketchikan, Alaska?

If you are in the South East Ketchikan will be more expensive than Anchorage but not hugely. As you get away from the larger towns and cities Alaska can become very expensive for those things that have to be brought in by air or boat. In the more isolated villages it isn’t unusual to pay $7-$10 for a gallon of milk or $5+ for a loaf of plain bread