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How do you write a descriptive essay topic?

How do you write a descriptive essay topic?

2. Descriptive Essay Topics For High School StudentsYour worst nightmare.Describe your Favorite place to read.Describe the painting.Describe your best friend.Describe your favorite pet.Describe your most embarrassing moment.Describing addiction.Describe one of your teachers.

What are good describing words?

Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities — Word Listable. abnormal. above average. absent-minded. adventurous. balanced. beautiful. below average. beneficent. blue. callous. candid. cantankerous. capable. careful. dainty. decisive. deep. deferential. eager. earnest. easy-going. efficient. fabulous. fastidious. ferocious. fervent. generous. gentle. gloomy. gluttonous. hateful. hearty. helpful. hesitant.

What are all the language techniques?

Here’s a reminder of what they are and how they work:Alliteration. This is where the first letter of a word is repeated in words that follow. Assonance. This is where the same vowel sound is repeated but the consonants are different. Colloquial language. Dissonance. Hyperbole. Metaphor. Oxymoron. Personification.